What am I up to?

How is writing changing in the 21st century, now that we can update, edit, and revise writing quickly and at rapid scales? What strategies do online writers use to adjust their writing when they can textually interact with their audiences?  What implications does this have for our teaching? As an assistant professor of English at UIUC, these are foundational questions of my research.


Research Interests

  • Interactive media
  • Participatory audiences and cultures
  • Interface and design theory
  • Digital rhetoric, including social media templates
  • Professional and Technical Communication
  • Multimodal composing (audio, visual, and video practices)
  • Constructions of gender, especially in relation to digital rhetoric
  • Web-scraping, data structuring, and web development
  • Oral practices as they are constituted in written mediums

Spring 2017 Research Highlights

  • Presenting at CCCC (“The Virtues of Persistence and Patience in Teaching Writing”) in March
  • Presenting at Computers and Writing (“The Role of Chronos in Digital Rhetoric and Pedagogy”)
  • Forthcoming article in enculturation

Fall 2016 Research Highlights

  • Invited Talk on September 28 (Critical Digital Humanities Workshop). Slides available here.
  • Presenting at Cultural Rhetorics (“A Culture of Textual Management: The Writing Processes of Highly Ranked Amazon Reviewers”)
  • Presenting at Watson Conference (“Branding in Higher Education”)

Recent Teaching Highlights

  • Received “Teacher Ranked as Excellent” by my students (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016). For more, see my past student evaluations.
  • Working with undergraduates in computer science on visualizing online comments.
  • Exploring a new unit in my business and technical writing class about the world of SEO (search engine optimization) reports
  • Students in my classes are building and writing online presences (professional websites, blogs, etc.).
  • Exploring text scraping and data mining for non-computer coding students (using the chrome extension, Scraper, and Google Refine)
  • Skyping in Joseph Reagle to talk about his book, Reading the Comments (2015, MITPress). September 2nd, 2015.
  • Skyping in Whitney Phillips to talk about her book, This is why we can’t have nice things (2015, MITPress). September 30th, 2015.
  • Skyping in Adrienne Massanari to talk about her book,  Participatory Culture, Community, and Play (2015, Peter Lang). October 30th, 2015.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign