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Our research spans Nanotechnology (MNTL, UIUC)
Molecular Biology (IGB, UIUC)
with a clinical thrust – Our Lab at the Mills Breast Cancer Institute in Carle Foundation Hospital

“Our research interest is in Bionano and molecular technology development. Our theme is multiplex mechanistic sensing and quantification of molecular markers and active therapeutics to detect and cure diseases. While doing so, we cherish the moments that are joyous and try to learn from those that are painful”

Dr. Irudayaraj’s is a Founder Professor of Bioengineering and a Fellow of BMES. He is a member of the Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory, Beckman Institute, and Carl Woese Institute for Genomic Biology. His lab is located at the Biomedical Research Center (BRC) on the 3rd floor of the Mills Breast Cancer Institute in Carle Foundation Hospital South. Some of the translational efforts of the Cancer Center at Illinois (CCIL) are housed at the BRC. Dr. Irudayaraj is the Associate Director of Shared Resources for CCIL.

The basis of their work stems from a strong background and skills developed in the areas of engineering, biology, medicine, and computer sciences. His group is interested in developing nano-delivery systems for hypoxia targeting and immunotherapy. In addition to developing novel therapies to treat ischemia (Retinal hypoxia and Cancer Hypoxia), they are also interested in translating their bench research to practice to benefit the patients. His group over the past several years has developed/applied single molecule tools to monitor the dynamics of epigenetic proteins and their role in epigenetic modulation. More recently, they have expanded their work to assess the role of epigenetic regulation on nuclear stiffness. Core technologies in their laboratory comprise of super-resolution microscopy, single-molecule fluorescence tools, Plasmon resonance imaging, ultrasensitive lateral flow sensors, and Oxygen nanobubbles.

Prof. Irudayaraj is also leading a team to study the “Effect of environmental contaminants on Cancer Toxicology”. This collaborative effort comprises of biomedical and environmental projects supported by analytical, computing, and data management resources to wholistically assess trigger points for disease initiation/progression due to exposure to environmental contaminants.

His team has published over 350 refereed publications and numerous book chapters. He is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, Biophysical Society, American Chemical Society, and Agric. and Biological Engineering society. He is an active participant in review panels at NIH, NSF, DOE, DOD, and Komen, among other international agencies. Prior to UIUC, Dr. Irudayaraj was a Professor of Biological Engineering and Interim Director of Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University, an Associate Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, a visiting faculty at the School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University, and an Assistant Professor at Utah State University.

He has graduated over 45 graduate students, mentored over 50 postdoctoral and visiting scholars, and collaborated with over 15 countries.

Students, visiting scholars, and faculty with research and collaborative interests are encouraged to contact Dr. Irudayaraj at jirudaya@illinois.edu