About Champaign-Urbana – 关于香槟-厄巴纳市

Campus Map 校园地图
Virtual Campus Tour 虚拟校园导览

City of Champaign  香槟市政府门户网站
City of Urbana 厄巴纳市政府门户网站

Presby Hall 学生宿舍

Local Resources within walking distance (1 mile) of Presby Hall 附近的公共设(距离宿舍一公里以内)

Grocery stores 超市

名称:County Market
地址:331 Stoughton Sreet, Champaign (food and drug store)

亚洲超市 (专供亚洲食品及生活用品等)
地址:101 E. Springfield Ave, Champaign (Asian grocery store)

中国超市 (专供中国食品及生活用品类)
名称:Far East
地址:105 S. Fifth Street, Champaign (Asian grocery store)

国际超市 (专供进口食品)
名称:World Harvest Food

306 W Springfield Ave, Urbana (International foods)

For all of the stores listed above you may also take the 9B Brown bus.
去以上超市均可乘坐9B 路车,Brown线到达

 Pharmacy/Drug Stores 药房及药妆店
名称:Walgreens (without prescription medication)
地址:407 E. Green St, Champaign

名称:Walgreens (with prescription medication),
地址:1509 S. Neil St, Champaign

名称:CVS (with prescription medication)
地址: 107 W. Green St, Champaign

ATM 自动提款机
银行名称:Chase Bank
地址:Daniel & Green Street

银行名称: PNC Bank
地址:1. Lower level, Illini Union
2. Entrance, Illini Union Bookstore
3. 505 E Green Street

Local Weather 天气预报

Click here to obtain information about the local weather (点击观看当地气象预报)

Other Services 其他服务

邮局US Post Office
地址302 E. Green Street

当地公安局:Police Department
地址:1110 W. Springfield Ave, Urbana

书店:Illini Union Bookstore
地址:809 S. Wright Street

校内电子用品中心(出售及维修台式、笔记本电脑及其他电子产品):Illini Union Tech Zone (computer repair and sales) 1401 W Green St, Urbana


Bike Rental 自行车租赁

Public Transportation 公共交通系统
Champaign-Urbana has a very good public transportation system. The 22 Illini Bus is free with a pass and stops at almost every corner on campus. Other buses will cost $1 for each ride. For more information on the bus system see: http://www.cumtd.com/

香槟-厄巴纳市有着非常完善的公交系统。22路公交车(22 Illini)几乎在校园各个角落均有设站,可以直达校园的主要教学楼及宿舍区。上车出示公交月票即可免费乘车(如无公交月票,在校园内乘车免费,校外区域乘车每次1美元)。具体的公交出行路线及时间,请参照公交系统网站:http://www.cumtd.com/

Phones 手机及通讯服务办理
We highly recommend using an internet service such as Skype or WeChat to make international calls at low rates. You can sign up for Skype credit at any time and place inexpensive international phone calls from your computer. For more information see: http://www.skype.com/en/


Restaurants 餐厅
Champaign-Urbana has a diversity of local and international dining options, many of which are located near the Presby Hall.

在香槟-厄巴纳市内,尤其是在宿舍(Presby Hall)附近,遍布各类当地菜系及国际特色的餐馆。