Debits and credits: different parts of speech

How about some light-hearted fare today?

The words “debits” and “credits” can be used in many different parts of speech. Here is a table I created with examples using “debit.”

Part of Speech Example
Noun (subject) The debit raised the balance in the cash account.
Noun (object) The liability account needs more debits.
Noun (object of preposition) The reconciliation is off because of a problem with the debits.
Verb (infinitive) To debit the cash account is to raise its balance.
Verb (transitive) The accounting software debited the checking account $200.
Adjective Asset accounts normally have debit balances.

What about as an intransitive verb? Here is what it might look like:

The accountant debited happily.

LOL I laughed when I wrote that. Is it correct usage? I think so. And it could be true, right? After all, we could debit happily when we make journal entries (and credit, of course).

I am not a grammar expert, but I wonder if other words can be used in so many different parts of speech as we see here.

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