ITLW Facilitators


Mike Bohlmann College of Applied Health Sciences Director  
Kim Nguyen-Jahiel Engineering Assistant Director for Instructional Services  Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
James Quisenberry Student Affairs Technology Director  James Quisenberry
Candice Solomon-Strutz Chemistry Assistant Director of Instructional Technology  
Chris Tidrick Gies College of Business Senior Director, IT Partners  

Assistant Facilitators

Robert Baird Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning Associate Director  Robert Baird
Gary Bernstein Technology Services at Illinois Manager of EPS Gary
Bobbi Hardy Engineering Communications and Customer Relations Coordinator
Josh Henry ACES Associate Director of Information Technology  Josh Henry
Cordelia Geiken Technology Services Manager, Quality Assurance & Assessment and Web Hosting Teams  Cordelia Geiken
Philip J. Reiter Technology Services Associate Director of Privacy
Brad McDuffie Technology Services Lead Network Engineer


Jason Maslanka UIC CIO Office Chief Technology Officer Jason
Audrius Polikaitis UI Hospital &
Health Sciences
CIO & Assistant VP of
Health IT