About ITLW

Identifying and developing future leaders in IT organizations is critical to success.  Several resources exist, including the EDUCAUSE Institute Programs, MOR Associates IT Leaders Program and others.  These organizations provide advanced, intensive programs for leadership development, but require significant investment in time and money to penetrate the IT workforce and bring about a positive impact on the organization.

To supplement investment in these existing programs, University of Illinois IT leaders have developed the IT Leadership Workshop, an on-campus program facilitated by graduates of the MOR Associates IT Leaders Program.

The IT Leadership Workshop (ITLW) at the University of Illinois delivers three days of curriculum to a cohort of 25 IT Professionals over a three-month period. The program’s goal is to develop leadership skills as well as facilitate and enhance communication, collaboration, and partnership among participating IT professionals.

Selection criteria

  • Nominees must be professional in a technology-focused or technology-adjacent work environment.
  • The nominee is viewed as an emerging leader but does not have to be a manager/supervisor.
  • The nominee is involved in campus initiatives and has opportunities to lead across campus.
  • The nominee is committed to professional development.

Workshop overview

  • 25 nominated attendees representing numerous campus units
  • Three full-day sessions
  • Instructors are IT Leaders Program or IT Leadership Workshop graduates

Workshop themes

  • Defining leadership with an IT focus
  • The Differences Between Leading, Managing, and Doing
  • Distinguishing Between and Managing Immediate versus Important
  • Delegation
  • Leading Through Change
  • Presence
  • Understanding and Engaging Stakeholders
  • Understanding Strategic, Cultural, and Political Viewpoints
  • Self-Awareness Assessment and Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural Competency
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Facilitator and Peer Coaching of Participants
  • Leading in Today’s Collaborative Environment

Contact: ITLWFacilitators-2022@mx.uillinois.edu