2021 Cohort Update

In a normal year, the IT Leadership Workshop would have opened nominations for the 2021 cohort by this time.  But this year and last year were not normal years.  The pandemic was emerging as we were completing the selection of participants in March of 2020 for the workshop and we were forced to consider other options. Rather than cancelling the workshop outright, the program took a pivot and engaged participants in a year-long program of coaching and related content, with the hope and promise of providing a full, in-person experience in 2021.  We are happy to announce that the program will be offered in September, October, and November of this year to the cohort who participated in the coaching journey over the last year.  With a full cohort from this group, we will not be asking for additional nominations.

Over the past twelve years this workshop has engaged professionals working in technology-focused areas who have demonstrated leadership skills and have a strong desire to advance those skills. The workshop delivers introductory and advanced leadership concepts through active participation of the cohort. The three-month experience provides opportunities for the members to practice new skills using relevant tools and examples from the higher education environment.

On behalf of the ITLW 2021 Planning Team, thank you for your past support in nominating participants for the workshop.  The membership of the 2021 cohort will be announced in July.  We look forward to inviting everyone to submit nominations next year for the 2022 program.