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ATTENTION: iSchool Writing Resources is not taking in-person appointments. Students seeking writing help are, however, welcome to schedule online appointments.

To make an appointment with a writing consultant, please use our scheduling page. You can make an online appointment with any of our writing consultants. Using these links, you will be able to select a 30-minute time slot for an appointment. Additionally, consultant has a personal scheduling link which can be found below. There are no limits as to how many appointments per semester a student can schedule.

**If you would like to request an appointment over Google Docs, please include a link with editing permissions or email one to the consultant prior to your appointment.**

Spring 2024 Writing Consultant

Dr. Iftikhar Haider: Grammar, APA, Syntax, Cohesion, Coherence, ESL/ELL, PhD Student Writing Services

Make an Appointment


 The specialties listed beside consultant’s name is not a comprehensive list of their writing knowledge, and they are more than happy to also help you with aspects of writing other than those listed above.

While the writing consultants can review and help you to edit and revise work before submission, they are perhaps most effective when given the opportunity to assist you with working through earlier stages of the writing process (e.g., working out your ideas, building an argument, structuring your argument, etc.). Writing consultants can also help you to understand instructor feedback and help you to improve your work for future assignments.

POLICIES regarding writing consulting and assistance:

1. Consultants have their own requirement for how much notice is needed prior to an appointment.

  • Writing consultant have obligations outside of working with the iSchool Writing Resources. This advanced notice of appointments allows them to plan their schedules to accommodate all of these factors and give your assignments the attention they deserve.
  • Consultants may be available on shorter notice. If you need to meet with a specific consultant quickly and cannot make an appointment in time, please email that consultant with information about your assignment, its due date, and a few times that you would be able to meet. This does not guarantee an earlier appointment, however, so it is best to go ahead and make the earliest appointment you can to ensure that you will be seen either way. These appointments can always be canceled if your request for an earlier appointment is fulfilled.
  • Similarly, you may email to consultant to see if it is possible to meet outside of consultant’s regular schedule. In that request email, please provide information about your assignment, its due date, and a few times you would be able to meet. This does not guarantee an appointment with that consultant, but it is possible that other arrangements could be made. For example, consultant may be able to look over your work for you and provide written feedback in lieu of meeting face-to-face.

2.  Online consulting sessions.

  • Online appointments can be done via Zoom, Skype, Blackboard Ultra, or Google Docs.
  • Additionally, if you only want feedback on your assignment and do not wish to have a consulting session at all, please email the consultant with information about your assignment, its due date, the citation style you are using, and what you would like them to pay attention to in particular during their review of your work (e.g., the spelling, argument format, citation style, etc.). Either attach your assignment to this email as a Word document or provide a link to Google Docs that gives the consultant editing privileges.

3. Appointments may be shifted to a new time or cancelled, depending on schedules and personal incidents.

  • Sometimes, unpredictable things happen which prevent consultants from being able to keep appointments. When this happens, you will be notified via email, and your appointment may be rescheduled or shifted to a new time.
  • Additionally, consultants might have limits on the number of hours they can work. Should they approach that limit, your appointment may be shifted or cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will do our best to accommodate both your needs and the needs of the writing consultants.