Non-Degree Course Catalog

The list of courses available to non-degree students changes every semester. Degree-seeking students have priority registration at the iSchool. Non-degree course lists are released after degree-seeking students register.

Other factors that may impact what non-degree courses are available include: seat capacity, course level, modality (online vs. in-person), and course prerequisites.

Courses offered in past semesters include:

  • IS 403 Children’s Materials
  • IS 407 Introduction to Data Science
  • IS 413 Teen Materials
  • IS 432 Early Literacy
  • IS 436 Playful Design Methods
  • IS 453 Information Books and Resources for Youth
  • IS 471 Instructional Strategies for Technology and Information Professionals
  • IS 532 School Library Management
  • IS 534 Information Consulting
  • IS 542 Research and Inquiry for Youth
  • IS 551 Youth Services Librarianship
  • IS 563 RVO Reviewing Children’s Literature
  • IS 565 Cataloging for School Libraries
  • IS 571 LRR Literacy, Reading, and Readers
  • IS 581 DCE Digital Citizenship and Ethics
  • IS 581 EYO Educational Technology and Youth
  • IS 581 ISM Instruct Strategies for Media Lit
  • IS 581 LLM Legal Issues in Library Management
  • IS 581 MLO Foundations of Media Literacy
  • IS 582 RBO Rare Books and Special Collections
  • IS 582 TLO Theological Librarianship
  • IS 591 MAO Music Librarianship
  • IS 594 PMO Personnel Management

If you are interested in receiving updates about non-degree registration, please subscribe to the iSchool Non-degree Programs listserv.


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