What courses are being offered in Fall 2024?

Please view the Fall 2024 course offerings and registration deadlines here. Registration opens on July 10th at 8am CST.

How do I know what courses will be offered and when registration will open?

A week or two before registration opens, information about which courses will be offered and any deadlines will be released via the iSchool Nondegree Program listserv. If you are interested in receiving updates regarding course registration and deadlines via email, please subscribe to the iSchool Nondegree Program listserv

What is the difference between degree-seeking and non-degree seeking classes?

As a premier information science institution, the School of Information Sciences at University of Illinois (AKA the iSchool) offers many degree-seeking programs that include a wide range of high-quality courses in the library, information, and data sciences. When these courses have extra empty seats, they sometimes become available for non-degree seeking students.

Non-degree and degree-seeking students take these classes together, with the same participation and grading expectations. In fact, most instructors do not know which of their students are degree-seeking, and which are non-degree!

While some courses might transfer to a degree-seeking program, enrollment on a non-degree basis at the graduate-level does not constitute admission to a graduate degree program. Degree-seeking students are conferred an accredited degree upon completion of their program. Degree-seeking students also have access to additional services such as priority registration, financial aid, career advising, and use of on-campus facilities.

Who is eligible to take non-degree classes at the iSchool?

Our non-degree students come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • library and information science professionals seeking to update their skill set
  • prospective iSchool graduate students wanting to try out a class before enrolling
  • University of Illinois staff utilizing a workplace course waiver
  • iSchool (formerly GSLIS) alumni
  • educators seeking additional endorsements and certificates through the Illinois State Board of Education

All iSchool non-degree students must have already conferred a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to qualify.

Additionally, you may not be enrolled in any degree-seeking program at University of Illinois while taking non-degree classes. If you a student in another department with interest in iSchool classes, please contact our advisors at mslis-advising@illinois.edu  

How much will these classes cost?

Non-degree students are assessed tuition rates based on CITL’s tuition and fee assessment. iSchool non-degree students do not pay fees.

When is my tuition due?

Non-degree students must follow the University’s tuition payment schedule.

How do I cancel, drop, or withdraw from a non-degree class?

In order to cancel, drop, or withdraw from a course, you must complete and submit the Change of Status form to CITL. The effective date and time of the requested action is determined when their office receives the completed form. This date will impact the amount of refund you are eligible for. View the University’s refund schedule here.

What does it mean when a class is available for 2 OR 4 credit hours?

Some iSchool courses are offered as variable credit. This means some students in the class register for 2 credit hours, and others register for 4 credit hours. These classes are not separate sections – all students meet together. The number of credits selected impact course workload and tuition costs.

How many credit hours can I take as a non-degree student? How many will transfer to my iSchool degree?

Non-degree students may take a maximum of 12 credit hours of coursework. Permission to take additional credit hours may be granted in special circumstances (e.g., endorsement programs through the Illinois Department of Education). A maximum of 12 hours can be applied toward a graduate degree at the iSchool. Credit transfer policies may vary across department and institution.

I want to take a class not offered on your list of available courses. Can I do that?

We are sorry, but we do not allow students access to our full course catalog. Courses shown as available to non-degree students have already been vetted for the program. The course you want might be offered to non-degree students in future semesters.

The class instructor told me I can take their class. Why can’t I enroll?

Course instructors are not able to grant permission to override non-degree students into their course. Permission must come from our department after you have completed a nondegree application via the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL). Available classes change on a semester-by-semester basis and only courses noted as available for non-degree student registration are eligible.

Are the classes synchronous (meeting at a specified time), or asynchronous (on my own timeline)? 

iSchool classes are synchronous unless otherwise specified. Attendance and participation are expected for all courses. If your course is designated as online, it will meet weekly in real time via Zoom web conferencing software. Additionally, students will have access to an online course space to access readings and assignments.

How do I attend my class?

All non-degree students will be issued a University Identification Number (UIN) when their registration is confirmed. You need a UIN to claim your University of Illinois account (NetID), which serves as your login name with the University of Illinois. Your NetID is also used in your University email address, which you are required to check regularly as a non-degree student. 

Your NetID will also give you access to your course website found on the Canvas course management system. Your course websites will become available one week before class begins. The course space is the online home for the course, which may include the syllabus, readings, discussion forums, assignments, and more. Your course Canvas page will include a link to attend your live Zoom class sessions. 

Will I need any textbooks or equipment? 

A headset microphone and a strong internet connection are required equipment for online classes. Textbook information is available at the UIUC Bookstore.

What research resources will I have access to for my non-degree classes? 

All non-degree students have access to UIUC’s robust online library. A library resource guide for students enrolled in online or off-campus courses is available via the University Library. Start first with the Information Sciences Virtual Library!

Where can I learn about resources related to a disability? 

If you need disability-related accommodations while attending online or on-campus classes, we encourage you to request these accommodations in advance by contacting the division of Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES). For additional mental health support, The Counseling Center has resources for all students even if they are remote or not located in Illinois. 

Do I have to complete the Voices for Change Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Training?

The University requires all students to complete the Voices for Change training module each year as part of their Prohibition of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct policy. Failure to complete the module will result in a hold being placed on your account which halt the registration process until you complete it. You will receive an email to your @illinois.edu email account when it is time for you to complete the module. If you want to check your completion status at any other time, follow the instructions to access the module on the University Ethics and Compliance Office website

Should you have a hold placed on your account due to failure to complete the Voices for Change module, to clear the hold, you will need to complete the training, contact the Title IX office to remove the hold (titleixcoordinator@illinois.edu or 217-333-3333), AND contact CITL to let them know that the hold has been lifted. All three steps must be complete before registration can take place.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to? 

For more information regarding iSchool non-degree enrollment, please contact us at ischool-continuinged@illinois.edu

For questions pertaining to the School Librarianship Endorsement, Technology Specialist Endorsement, or Teaching Media Literacy Certificate, contact ischool-slp@illinois.edu

If you have technical questions or need assistance accessing your online course, contact the iSchool Help Desk at help@support.ischool.illinois.edu or by phone at (217) 244-4903 or 1-800-377-1892.