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iSchool in Color was a Spring  2017 programming initiative undertaken by the iSchool Diversity Committee with the intention of fostering a greater sense of community by hosting events during February/Black History Month and March/Women’s History Month. Please share your ideas, suggestions, questions, and/or concerns by sending them to or submitting anonymously via the suggestion box on the Diversity Committee Moodle [click here]

Our programs would not have been possible without steadfast work by members of the planning committee: Victor Jones, Diana Stroud, Ariel Gonzalez, and Cass Mabbott. Special thanks to the anonymous donors who made possible the music and refreshments at our events. Donors also underwrote the cost of items we gave to participants, and travel support for speakers. Warm thanks to the student volunteers, especially Krystal Cooper who photographed and created video for nearly every event, Jennifer Smith for her interviews and FB Livestreaming and Dan Andree who ensured our musical events could blast out via our Awdio channel!

Black History Month [February 2017]

Lobby display – Black Comics and Creators

lobby display at the iSchool for Black History Month

Curated by Damian Duffy and Carol Tilley. Photograph by Krystal Cooper

2/2/17 Kickoff celebration: [event description] Music from Ther.UP.y  and food from BW3 (thanks to anonymous donors!) 5 groups represented (AssanTEA Sanitizers; Black Students for Revolution – archive exhibit of Drums; iSchool Gamers; Progressive Librarian’s Guild; Stitch’n’Bitch)

TherUPy playing for the audience at the Black History Month Kickoff. Ritse Adefolalu on sax. Photographer: Krystal Cooper

open gathering at the black history month kickoff

Open gathering at the Kickoff: featuring Assantea Sanitizers, Stitch’n’Bitch and iSchool gamers. Photograph by Krystal Cooper

Archival display of DRUMS hosted by Black Students for Revolution and the University Archives. Photograph by Krystal Cooper

2/6/17 Black Creators and Comics brown bag lunch, with Damian Duffy and Carol Tilley [event description]

speakers at the comics and creators brown bag lunch

Damian Duffy being interviewed by Carol Tilley. Photographer: Krystal Cooper

2/20/17 Alum career panel [event description] with: Liza Booker, iUser Experience Analyst at Argonne National Laboratory; Harriett Green, the Interim Head of Scholarly Communications and Publishing, English and Digital Humanities Librarian, Associate Professor, University Library University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; William Langston, works as the Digital Learning Librarian at Latin School of Chicago in the Upper School Library; Jerrod Moore, is in the Digital Technology Leadership Program (DTLP) at General Electric. Alum travel sponsored by donors. We collaborated with the iSchool Student advisory board, and Student Services.

Photograph of alums and supporters

From left: Dean Allen Renear, Victor Jones, Jerrod Moore, Liza Booker, Harriett Green, Diana Stroud, William Langston, Krystal Cooper. Photographer: Kathryn La Barre

Women’s History Month

March 1 | lobby case, Revolutionary Women

Women’s History month lobby display

All month | Revolutionary Women Scavenger hunt – online on FB – see February ‘daily honored women’ also via ActionBound app [in collaboration with FemTechNet, Center for Digital Inclusion, Stitch’n’Bitch, Progressive Librarian’s Guild]
revolutionary women!

Scavenger hunt posters (made by Stitch’n’Bitch and PLG members). Photo by Ariel Gonzalez

March 2nd, getting ready for the Kickoff with Progressive Librarian’s Guild and Stitch’n’Bitch [12 attendees]

Buttons made by Stitch’n’Bitch and PLG members

March 8th Women’s History Month KICKOFF / International Women’s Day [event description] with music by  Love Handles and food from Mashawi Grill (sponsored by anonymous donors). Co-sponsored by the University Library Diversity Committee, the Women’s Resource Center and the Mortenson Center for International Library programs. Local groups – including Sanctuary for the People, Center for Digital Inclusion, Champaign-Urbana Librarian’s Meet UP, Mortenson Center for International Library tabled at this event.
WHM kickoff band

Members of the Kickoff Band: Love Handles! From back left  Joey Buttlar, Sarah Coleman, Jack Kelly. Front row from left: Maha Tolba, Aashika Anatharaman, Molly McLay

March 22 Spring Break Book Club Twitter chat – [event description] (Book giveaway sponsored by an anonymous donor).