Recruiting Avenues

Start your fall recruiting off right by joining us for two niche events where you can connect with emerging leaders in data science & analytics, business intelligence & consulting, IT & Cybersecurity, and HCI/UX roles from the iSchool and across campus. Details and logistics are available here, and registration is available on Handshake.

Choose from the options below or contact us for a custom-tailored event. We’ll work with your organization to help you select the population that meets your talent needs and deliver your message through a variety of channels.

Additional Opportunities

Class Visits

Virtual or in-person visits can be arranged for the following undergraduate courses:

Career Exploration
Intro to HCI
User Research & Evaluation

Intro to Risk & Cybersecurity
Consulting for Information Professionals
Applied Business Research

Course details

  • IS 200: iSchool Career Exploration: Approximately 50-60 freshmen and sophomore students are enrolled each semester in this career exploration class. Visit virtually or in person for 20 or 40 minutes to provide insights to students on roles, trends, and insights into your industry and market.
  • IS 226 Introduction to HCI : This course introduces students to fundamental theories and techniques in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and presents basic tools and methods for creating, designing, prototyping, and evaluating user interfaces to computing applications and web sites. Students will explore course content by conducting individual and group hands-on projects. Assignments involving prototyping can be implemented by self-selected solutions, e.g. Axure, JavaScript. Students from all backgrounds are welcomed.
  • IS 234 Introduction to Risk & Cybersecurity (Spring): Cyber risk, cybersecurity and related concepts create a foundation for exploring the importance of threat awareness, intelligence and identification to personal and organizational security postures. Topics including password hygiene, threat actors, data collection, use and sharing and the CIA Triad, Cyber Kill Chain, Attack Vectors and Attack Surfaces are explored along with the role of governments, human behavior, frameworks, standards, systems and compliance requirements in security decisions.
  • IS236 User Research and Evaluation: students learn to apply user research methods, gather and understand user requirements and needs for a wide range of populations, especially those that are under-served (e.g., children and people with disabilities), conduct user evaluations of prototypes and interactive systems, and communicate effectively about the research insights and make actionable design suggestions.
  • IS 380 Consulting for Information Professionals: Foundations of research consulting, including framing research problems, developing deliverables, and presenting professionally. Join the class as a guest speaker or offer a collaborative project.
  • Applied Business Research: This experiential learning course, offered at graduate and undergraduate levels, covers advanced techniques of business research, with an emphasis on managing real-world client projects.
    • Join the class as a guest speaker.
    • Offer experiential learning opportunities through the Business Intelligence Group (BIG).
    • Commission a project (on a sliding scale) with BIG to address your information and technology challenges. Students receive course credit and each project is overseen by iSchool Professor Yoo-Seong Song.

Spring Early Engagement Program for Freshmen and Sophomores

Champaign and Chicago-based employers–before your summer internship programs launch, build your brand with next year’s recruits by hosting a full- or half-day Early Engagement Event for students on-site at your organization during the last two weeks of May. provide a tour of the facility, present lightning talks on roles, workflow, and processes, lunch, and/or one-hour micro-mentorship sessions where staff members are paired with a student to share their story and answer questions about their career development journey can help you start building your brand early with student talent.

Post a Job

Post jobs through the Handshake Career Services platform to increase visibility and start connecting with our students.

Colllaborate with RSOs on Pre-Fair Prep Events

Our three RSOs, PHM, WiDS, and IDSC, are eager to work with you to host prep sessions and resume reviews from August 26 to September 5. To ensure a robust turnout, be sure to follow these steps so we can help market your event to students through iSchool channels:

  1. Post the event on Handshake
  2. Select the School of Information Sciences as the career center
  3. Email when the event is posted, on Handshake so we can approve it ASAP.

Meet the iSchool’s Student Organizations

You’ll get to know each group better through their presentations at the continental breakfast preceding the iSchool fair AND we invite you to collaborate with them on career fair prep events. Follow the links to each group’s registration form or set up a meeting using the emails below. They’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Plan an event with PHM
Psi Eta Mu (PHM) is the School of Information Sciences’ premier information sciences fraternity. Members are preparing for careers including: data analysts, technology consultants, UI/UX, cybersecurity, and solutions architecture.
Officers: Andrew Chen 2024-2025 President,
Elise Feuerborn, External Vice-President,

Plan an event with WiDS
Women in Data Science, launches in fall 2024, is the sister organization to IDSC. It is designed to increase participation of women in data science and to feature outstanding women doing outstanding work.
Contact: Samridhi Verma, President,

Plan an event with iDSC
The Illinios Data Science Club’s mission is focused on building a strong and diverse community of data professionals through our semester-long project hackathon, career events, educational workshops, and our sister organization, Women in Data Science.
Contact: Zach Olbur, President,

Other Opportunities

Get Started

Please contact Michele Plante, Associate Director for Employer Relations, to start recruiting talent with the iSchool.