We Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (but Only If it’s Your Pet Hippopotamus)


Photo of a dog on a walk


“HENLO, EBRYONE! Is ya grrrl, Molly! Is last day ob finals week! Is last day ob leaf-fall-down time! IS MY HOOMAN, REBECCA’S, BIRDAY! COULD DIS DAY GET ENY BETTRRR?!?”
It could NOT, Molly!
Unless we all got cupcakes.
Rebecca. Hey. Where my cupcakes at?
We survived another semester and it’s time to celebrate! Enjoy your time without classes and projects and work (hopefully)! Travel safe if you’re heading out of town; stay warm if you’re sticking around. But most importantly: Happy Heckin’ Holidays, y’all! 🌲❄️☃️

Feathers, but Make it Fashion

It’s Friday morning and time to unleash our Pet of the Week!
Photo of a bird looking at the camera


This is majestic birb Casey looking FLY. Ha HA! I’ll see myself out.
Our featured feathery fellow has some FIERCE vogueing going on. That head cock? The perfect mohawk? The subtle, contrasting color palate? Grey is the new black, friends. Trust his human Christine on that!


Feathers over fur this week, y’all. Want your fashionista featured as our Pet of the Week? Email their picture to the Help Desk today!

Tech Tip of the Week: Box

For this week’s TTW, we wanted to share something tricky about Box.

Are you wanting to store files in Box? If you’ve never used it before, be sure to go through the set-up process under “Sign Up” first. It seems like you should just be able to login with your NetID and password, but you will have to make an account first!

Screenshot of Box with arrows pointing to link called "Sign Up"

They Never Tell You Exercise Can Be Fun

The Desk and friends had a great time at the Illinois Marathon 5K this past weekend.

We got medals! We had matching tee-shirts! We have creepy unsuspecting photos that they just send to your email after the race!

But we had a great time.

Four members of the team are graduating this semester, so this was a great excuse to all get together again.

Photo of Team Awesome in Memorial Stadium after 5K
If we had actually run the 5K, how different would these pictures look?
Photo of GAs finishing the 5K
We do this thing where we slap our biceps.
Photo of GAs finishing the 5K
Joe stole the show at the finish line.