Tech Tip of the Week: StoryBlocks

Have you ever spent hours scouring the web for the perfect stock photo for a presentation? Good news! If you are a faculty or staff member, you now have access to Storyblocks, a repository of over 1 million high-quality images, videos, and audio files. To use this new service, go to the StoryBlocks website and then click “log-in”. Once you are on the login page, enter your Illinois email and press “enter.” The website will recognize you as a single-sign-on user and will prompt you to finish logging in through two-factor authentication. From there you can search easily for the content you need to finish your presentation!

Tech Tip of the Week: Canvas Gradebook Icons

This week’s Tech Tip is for students. Ever see an icon in your grades, and you’re not sure what it means? Our Canvas Gradebook Icons MediaSpace video will discuss icons that indicate when an assignment is graded or ungraded or when there are extra details about your grade.

You can also click through the slides used for this video.

If you want more information about Canvas grading icons, please visit Canvas’ complete grading icon guide.

Tech Tip of the Week: Group Work in Canvas

Canvas Tech Tip Series Group Work in Canvas

Making groups within your course in Canvas is a great way to facilitate group projects, collaboration, and participation. Please watch our video tutorial to learn how to make and edit groups in Canvas, what the student view of groups looks like, and more!

You can view our Group Work in Canvas walk-through video here.

Some important things to note about groups in Canvas:

  • As an instructor, make sure to add your course number to each group name for ease of access for students.
  • Students can be still be graded individually for assignments set in groups. (Reach out if you have any questions about your gradebook in Canvas!)
  • Any group member can create an announcement when in their Canvas group, and members can subscribe to announcements, mark as announcements as read, etc.

Please reach out to the Help Desk if you have any questions!

Tech Tip of the Week: How to Reserve a Meeting Room

You can now reserve a meeting space at 614 E. Daniel St.! Simply email with the date, time, and requested room number. Not sure which room to request? Visit iSchool Building Facilities page for a list of conference rooms, including room occupancy limits. 614 E Daniel



Tech Tip of the Week: Immersive Reader for Canvas

Immersive Reader for Canvas Canvas Tech Tip Series!

This week’s Canvas Tech Tip is about Immersive Reader on Canvas. We have a short video that walks you through enabling Immersive Reader, how to use it, and how to personalize it for your needs!

You can view our Immersive Reader walk-through video here.

Please reach out to the Help Desk if you have any questions!

Tech Tip of the Week: Setting the Time Zone in Zoom

Have you ever noticed a different time listed for Zoom sessions in Moodle or Canvas? If you have, you may need to correct the time zone in your Zoom account. You can find the steps to change your time zone here:

Please reach out with any questions you may have!



Tech Tip of the Week: Where to Forward Spam Emails

iSchool Help Desk Tech Tip Where to Forward Your Spam

What Can We Do with Spammy Emails?

Perhaps during your time at the U of I you’ve received a spam email. Maybe something about giving money to a prince in a faraway land so that together you can unlock a fortune he will someday receive? First off, good work recognizing spam when you see it! Second off, there’s a step you can take going forward with that message. Please forward it to University Technology Services so future emails from that source will automatically be designated as spam. The address to forward spam to is To avoid having your email being marked as spam as well, please forward the spam email as an attachment. To do this, click on the three dots next to the arrow icon, and from the sidebar that appears, click Other reply actions. Another sidebar will appear, and you will want to select Forward as attachment. This will attach the email. By doing this, hopefully we will all receive fewer spammy emails!


Tech Tip of the Week: Jamboard

With so much instruction and meetings taking place online, it can be helpful to know how to use collaborative tools to make class and meetings more engaging. Jamboard is a great resource to do just that!

Jamboard is an online tool owned by Google that allows you to collaborate in real-time. Whether it is for an in-class activity, school group meeting, or collaborative and interactive group discussion, Jamboard can be a great way to share and organize ideas. Jamboards can also be saved and shared, making it easy to refer back to for future use. 

For more information on how to use Jamboard and all its amazing features, please check out the Jamboard page on the iSchool wiki here.

iSchool Help Desk Tech Tip of the Week! Jamboard