Pawmp and Purrcumstance

Happy End of Semester, iSchoolers! We officially survived Spring 2020! Take THAT, Corona Virus!

We know that commencement is a bit strange this term (read as on hiatus), but we wanted to offer a little something to all those graduating this weekend: a warm smile from our Pet AND Human of the Week!

Photo of Dr. Kate McDowell holder her cat, Xylo

Here’s our very own Dr. Kate McDowell and her very handsome associate, Xylo! They want to wish all those graduating the heartiest of congratulations and so much luck in their next adventures. They would also like to make sure that we all know that Xylo is a good cat and a pretty cat and we would all be so lucky to give him hugs.

Way to go, everyone! And don’t forget: alumni pets are still eligible for Pet of the Week! We’d love to see where they (and their humans) end up! As for the rest of you…where my pet submissions at? It’s summer break, but that doesn’t mean you can skimp out on cute animal pictures! Get it together!