Persimmon just can’t wait to be . . . queen!

This week’s Pet of the Week is Persimmon!

Persimmon is a very cute and fluffy kitty who loves to cuddle. Her favorite activity is watching squirrels, and she is also known to let her human lift her up in the air Lion King-style! Well Persimmon, you don’t have to wait to be queen, you already are one in the Help Desk’s book!

If you’d like to submit your pet to be the iSchool Pet of the Week, shoot us an email at with their name, photo, and any cute stories you’d like to share!

Blizzard the Help Desk Co-Worker…Sometimes

Our Pet of the Week is our very own Jen Anderson’s adorable (if not slightly neurotic) feline friend, Blizzard! Blizzard enjoys making quick cameos during our Help Desk meetings but only when he deems us worthy of his presence…which usually isn’t too often. Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally!

Picture of white cat near a book called who to live with a neurotic cat