Nimbus needs your attention ASAP PLZ

This week’s iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week is Nimbus!

Nimbus is a grown lady cat, but she may never stop acting like a kitten. According to her owners, Adam and Siggi, Nimbus has exactly zero chill, patience, or self-preservation and often takes to trotting up and down the hallways crying loudly for someone to please, for goodness’ sake, come and play! This little fur-ball of pure energy will make sure there is never a dull moment in her household.

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Feline Pals

We’ve got two kitties to start off your three-day weekend. Junior and Rusty are pals who spend their days laying around sharing telepathic messages about which chairs get the best sunlight. We hope that your weekend is just as lazy as theirs!
Decorative graphic featuring two cats laying on a dark orange couch. The cat on the right (Junior) is a brown tabby with a white pelt and white paws. He's lying on his stomach with his front paws dangling in from. The cat on the left (Rusty) is an orange tabby. He's lying on his side with his front paws crossed in front of him. Both cats are staring off into space with apathetic expressions.
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All Hail Queen Zanie!

Pet of the Week goes out to Zanie! She is the true queen of Professor Ocepek’s house, and she could not let her furry roommate, Jake, take all the POTW spotlight. She is described as possibly the most opinionated cat that has every lived, and there’s even a rule in Zanie’s house all about her: if she is sitting on you, you do not have to get up unless there is an emergency. What a powerful pet! ๐Ÿ‘‘

Picture of a cat laying on pillows

Lights, camera, pose!

Pascal here is truly owning it in this picture, and the coordination of his bandana to the green background is outstanding! He could be working the runway in all his fashionable adorableness.ย 
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Image of dog with green bandana around his neck.

Flashback Friday: Vintage Kitty Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s Pet(s) of the Week features our first vintage pets circa 1980!

Up in front we have Rupert (orange) whose owner, Carol, told us he loved to “walk around the apartment just doing loud meowing with slight pauses sometimes as if they were words.” Freddy (black) looks to be having a moment of intense contemplation that may be relatable for some of us as we finish up our second week back to school. Not to be left out, we have their papier-mรขchรฉ friend in the back completing this perfect feline trio.

These three friends and everyone at the Help Desk are wishing you all a happy Labor Day weekend!

A Warm Start to the Semester

We hope you get some time to relax before the start of the semester, just like this week’s Pet of the Week, Dexter (black) and Uma (black and white)

Thank you to Dexter and Uma’s favorite human, Kati, for sharing with us what peak relaxation looks like.ย  Good luck in the Fall semester, Illini!

for the very best girl

Today’s Pet of the Week is a little different than usual. Earlier this week, a very good pup who means so much to us at the Help Desk passed away. We’d like to take a moment to tell you about her and remember her.

This is Lilly. Sometimes, her human, Tad, would bring Lilly to work with him, and Lilly would run to the Help Desk for pets and scratches. She had the waggiest tail and gave the best kisses. And there were a few times where Lilly happened to be in the building on the same day that things were pretty stressful at the Desk. We would take breaks to go see Lilly, and she always made our day a little better.

We already miss you so much, good buddy, but we know you’re watching over your humans and you know how much we all love you. Thanks for being the goodest girl.

Maximum Cuteness in Minimum Packaging

I’m not sure if you knew when you woke up today that you were in for an exceptionally special experience, but, boy howdy, are you ever! For your viewing pleasure, the iSchool Help Desk is proud to present…our smolest Pet of the Week ever.

This is Lu. She’s new here. Her human, Brandon, is still getting to know her, but it looks like she’s already excelling at cuteness and cuddles. Lu, if you need to practice any of your kitten skills, we happily volunteer to assist you.

Any new (or old!) furry friends in your life? Send them over to the Help Desk to be our featured Pet of the Week! But only if they’re as cute as Lu. She’s really bringing us to the next level here.

Love Meow or Leave Meow

We made it through July, friends! It’ll be autumn in New York – er – Urbana before we know it. To celebrate, we’ve got a sophisticated lady to share with all of you.

Billie here (or “Miss Brown” to you) doesn’t have much reason to sing the blues. She’s fine and mellow and has an easy living (not to mention plenty of laps to sit in).ย  Her human, Brandon, thinks she’s too marvelous for words. We’re certainly a fool for her.

Does your furry, fanged, or feathered friend go to your head? Send them in to be our next Pet of the Week! We’d love to give this year’s (digital) kisses to them!