Feline Pals

We’ve got two kitties to start off your three-day weekend. Junior and Rusty are pals who spend their days laying around sharing telepathic messages about which chairs get the best sunlight. We hope that your weekend is just as lazy as theirs!
Decorative graphic featuring two cats laying on a dark orange couch. The cat on the right (Junior) is a brown tabby with a white pelt and white paws. He's lying on his stomach with his front paws dangling in from. The cat on the left (Rusty) is an orange tabby. He's lying on his side with his front paws crossed in front of him. Both cats are staring off into space with apathetic expressions.
If you would like to feature your pet for pet of the week, please email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu.

Whiskers by the Window

This sweet and furry friend of ours is Punkin! She enjoys sunbathing any chance she gets and greeting anyone who walks by her window. When she isn’t busy soaking up some sun, she enjoys all the belly scratches and hanging out with her humans. Punkin and your friends at the Help Desk wish you all luck during finals week!

Picture of cat laying on a blanket

And please enjoy some bonus Punkin content!

Picture of a cat laying on a blanket

I Love Belly Rubs!

Look at that warm inviting belly! This is Grace, and she promises that she won’t push you away after you give her belly two seconds of attention. She’ll wait the appropriate five seconds and then kindly ask you to remove your hand.

Pet with your eyes, please

If you catch your pet doing something cute this fall break, be sure to snap a picture of it and send it to us at ischool-support@illinois.edu so that we can feature it for pet of the week!

A Warm Start to the Semester

We hope you get some time to relax before the start of the semester, just like this week’s Pet of the Week, Dexter (black) and Uma (black and white)

Thank you to Dexter and Uma’s favorite human, Kati, for sharing with us what peak relaxation looks like.  Good luck in the Fall semester, Illini!

Maximum Cuteness in Minimum Packaging

I’m not sure if you knew when you woke up today that you were in for an exceptionally special experience, but, boy howdy, are you ever! For your viewing pleasure, the iSchool Help Desk is proud to present…our smolest Pet of the Week ever.

This is Lu. She’s new here. Her human, Brandon, is still getting to know her, but it looks like she’s already excelling at cuteness and cuddles. Lu, if you need to practice any of your kitten skills, we happily volunteer to assist you.

Any new (or old!) furry friends in your life? Send them over to the Help Desk to be our featured Pet of the Week! But only if they’re as cute as Lu. She’s really bringing us to the next level here.

Love Meow or Leave Meow

We made it through July, friends! It’ll be autumn in New York – er – Urbana before we know it. To celebrate, we’ve got a sophisticated lady to share with all of you.

Billie here (or “Miss Brown” to you) doesn’t have much reason to sing the blues. She’s fine and mellow and has an easy living (not to mention plenty of laps to sit in).  Her human, Brandon, thinks she’s too marvelous for words. We’re certainly a fool for her.

Does your furry, fanged, or feathered friend go to your head? Send them in to be our next Pet of the Week! We’d love to give this year’s (digital) kisses to them!


na na na na na na na na catmaaaaaaan

Excelsior, iSchoolers! In our last episode, we bowed to the awesome power of the One True Queen. Now it’s time to meet the hero the iSchool deserves…AND the one it needs right now (take that, Christopher Nolan)!

Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods! Faster than a speeding jingle ball, more powerful than a mid-afternoon snooze attack, able to leap cat towers in a single bound, Catman keeps careful watch over his humans, Carol and Kathryn. This Dark Knight is always on the lookout, always at the ready…for tuna cans to open.

Have a friendly floof in your neighborhood? Send them over to the Help Desk to be our next Pet of the Week! Ka-POW!