Tech Tip of the Week: Canvas Course Walk-through Video

This video will walk-through some of the aspects of Canvas Courses that you may see if you have courses that are hosted in Canvas this Fall!

(If you are having trouble viewing the video in your browser you can check it out here)

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to use Canvas before the fall semester, please reach out to the Help Desk, we are always happy to help!

Tech Tip of the Week: Navigating Canvas Using the Sidebar

Today’s Tech Tip is all about navigating Canvas using the sidebar. On the sidebar you will find the following: Account, Dashboard, Courses, Calendar, Inbox, History, Commons, and Help. Below are descriptions for what you can find under each section and why you might use it while on Canvas.
  • Account: This is where you can access your profile, notifications, and settings. You can also logout of Canvas by clicking Account and then clicking Logout from the sidebar that appears on the right.
Screenshot of the sidebar on Canvas with Account selected
  • Dashboard: Think of this as the “home screen” of Canvas. If any of your instructors are using Canvas, this is where you will be able to see your course sites. 
  • Courses: This is another place where you can access your courses. If you click Courses, an additional sidebar will appear to the right with a list of all your courses and the links to each of their corresponding course pages.
Screenshot of sidebar on Canvas with Courses selected
  • Calendar: This is where you can view when assignments are due in a calendar view. All of your courses will have due dates listed within your course site, but the calendar option is a great way to view assignment due dates for all your Canvas courses on a calendar. Note that each course corresponds to a color, so it is easy to distinguish which assignments are for each course.
Screenshot of Canvas Calendar
  • Inbox: This is where you can view any messages your instructor or fellow classmates have sent you.
  • History: You can view what you have recently accessed on Canvas by clicking History.
Screenshot of Canvas sidebar with History selected
  • Commons: This may not be something you use frequently, but Commons is a learning repository that lets instructors find, import, and share resources. For more information on Canvas Commons, please see Canvas’s documentation here.
  • Help: You can access Canvas support links when you click here. 
Screenshot of Canvas sidebar with Help selected
Keep an eye out for next week’s Tech Tip which will be a video walk through of what a Canvas course site will look like! As always, if you have any questions or want to learn more about how to use Canvas before the fall semester, please reach out to the Help Desk!

Tech Tip of the Week: Adding a Profile Picture to Canvas

In order to add a profile picture to your Canvas account you would follow these steps.

After logging into Canvas, you will see a sidebar on the left side of the screen. When you click Account it will expand the smaller menu seen below, choose Settings.

The Settings will look like this:

Click on the circle at the top next to your name where your photo will go.

Clicking this circle will extend this menu of options where you can choose to either Upload a Picture from your computer or you can Take a Picture with your webcam.

When you’ve loaded a photo into Canvas you will be able to adjust how your photo looks in the profile picture circle. Once you’ve adjusted it to your liking, remember to hit Save.

Once you’ve saved and refreshed your window, your new profile picture will appear.

Tech Tip of the Week: Adding Your Pronouns to Canvas

When you log into your Canvas account you are able to add your pronouns in your settings.

Begin by clicking Account in the sidebar on the left.

It will extend this menu where you will select Settings.

When your settings are opened, on the right you will have the option to Edit Settings.

Once you’ve opened your settings to edits, you will have a drop down menu with options for Pronouns.Once you’ve selected your pronouns, remember at the bottom to save any changes you’ve made to your profile by clicking Update Settings.

Once you’ve saved the changes you’ve made to your profile, your selected pronouns will appear by your name.

Tech Tip of the Week: Logging into Canvas

If you have a NetID and password you will be able to login to Canvas and take a look around. Begin by going to It will look like this: 

Remember, your NetID does not include like your email address does. It is just what comes before When you log in, you can take a look around your dashboard.

As mentioned last week, only instructors who have opted in to be early adopters of Canvas will have their course(s) on Canvas in the fall.

If you have classes that will be on Canvas for fall, they may not be included yet on your Canvas, but it’s a good idea to take a look around even before they arrive! It should look a bit like this:

 We will have future Tech Tips about the content within Canvas and making changes to your settings, so keep your eyes peeled!


Tech Tip of the Week: What is Canvas?

You may have seen in our July iSchool Help Desk and ITD newsletter that the iSchool will begin making the transition to the Canvas learning management system beginning this fall for our undergraduate courses and any instructors who wish to be early adopters. For our graduate level students, this means that if your instructor has opted to be an early adopter, your class or classes may be on Canvas. Our amazing ITD team is working with instructors on migrating courses, and the Help Desk team will be here to help make this transition as smooth as possible for faculty and students. We are still in the early stages of migrating courses, and instructors are organizing and setting up their courses throughout the summer months. Instructors will let students know whether their course will be conducted on Canvas, and if students or instructors have any questions, please contact the Help Desk and we are happy to provide assistance.