Tech Tip of the Week: Tips for Navigating Tabs and Windows

These keyboard shortcuts will make navigating and managing your browser tabs a breeze!

To close your current tab–
On Windows: Ctrl + W
On Mac: Command + W

To open a new tab–
On Windows: Ctrl + T
On Mac: Command + T

To move to another tab–
On Windows: Ctrl + Tab to go to the right and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go to the left
On Mac: Ctrl + Tab to go to the right and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to go to the left

To close your current window–
On Windows: Alt + F4
On Mac: hold Command + Q

To open a new window–
On Windows: Ctrl + N
On Mac: Command + N

To move to another window–
On Windows: Alt + Tab
On Mac: Command + Tab

To Minimize/Maximize your browser–
On Windows: Window Key + Arrowkeys
On Mac: Command + M to Minimize to Dock

To open a recently closed tab or window–
On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T
On Mac: Command + Shift + T

Tech Tip of The Week: Pinning Tabs in Chrome

In Chrome, you can pin a tab that you use often by right-clicking the tab and selecting “Pin”. This will move the tab to the far left and will show only the icon, which saves space and makes it so that you cannot accidentally close that tab!

You can unpin a tab by right-clicking on it again and selecting “Unpin”.

Pinned tabs will not stay after you close the browser and reappear when you next open Chrome unless you going into your Chrome settings, select “On startup” from the left menu, and select “Continue where you left off”. If you do this, all the tabs you had open when you last closed Chrome will reopen when you open the browser again.

Tech Tip of the Week: Google Chrome Lets You Send Websites Between Devices

Do you use Google Chrome on both your computer and phone or tablet? Did you know you can easily send a website you have open on one device to the others?

When using a computer, you can click on the address bar and this symbol should appear to the right: Self share icon
If you click on this symbol you will be asked to chose which device to share the website with.

When using a phone or tablet you will have to go to the Chrome menu by selecting the three verticle dots in the top right. In this menu, you will see the option to “Share”. Once you select that you should see the ability to “Send to your devices” and will be asked to chose which device to share the website with.

Need more details? Try the Google Support page here.

Tech Tip of The Week: Search Google with a Quick Click

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari searching Google is just a click away. If you encounter a word you do not know or want to know more about, you can simply highlight the word then right-click on the highlighted word to bring up a menu with the option to “Search Google” for the selected word. This will open a new tab in your browser with the search results for your chosen word!

Tech Tip of The Week: How to Quickly Move Between Tabs

Working on a project and opened way too many tabs to navigate? Finding it difficult to switch between the calendar and inbox in Outlook? This week we have just the quick tip for you!

You can move between tabs in a browser quickly by pressing “Control” if you are using a Windows computer, or “Command” if you are using a Mac computer, and “Tab”.  This shortcut will take you to the next tab to the right.

You can also move directly to a specific tab by pressing Control/Command + [insert tab number here]. The tabs are assigned a number with the tab open on the far left being number 1 and the numbers going up as the tabs open to the right.

This tip can also be used in the Outlook application (not on the website) to switch views. Control/Command + 1 will switch to the Mail view, Control/Command + 2 will switch to the Calendar views.
Replacing the number with 3 will show the Contacts view, 4 the Tasks view, 5 the Notes view, 6 the Folder list, 7 the Shortcuts, and 8 will open the Journal.

Tech Tip of the Week: How to Easily Bring Back a Closed Tab

Have you ever accidentally closed the wrong tab on your browser and then become frustrated when you have to find your way to that tab all over again?

The good news is that there is a shortcut for opening the last tab you closed.

On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + T

On Macs: Cmd + Shift + T

Also if you use Chrome and accidentally close an entire window, these shortcuts will open the window back up with all the tabs that were in use before it was closed.