Tech Tip of the Week: Presenting in BBCU!

Back to our regular scheduled programming:

This is our sixth TTW!

If your number one fear is presenting and public speaking, this might be a rough stretch in the semester. But knowing how to present in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra makes it all a little easier, right?

Check out this quick-guide that one of our fellow Helpers put together. It instructs you on how to successfully application share!

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Application Sharing Guide: Use BBC on Chrome, go to the share Content tab, click on share application/screen, then select which application to share.
Any questions? Contact us!

Go ahead and practice in the Drop-In Room!

Tech Tip of the Week: BBCU Troubleshooting

Happy Tuesday!

Warm, sunny, clear day here at the iSchool. On my walk to the building this morning, I saw squirrels rummaging through dumpsters and a crushed dragonfly on the sidewalk. Around noon, there will be an distinct onion ring smell wafting down Daniel street.┬áIt’s the little things, people.

Anyways, here is the TTW:

Does this look all too familiar?

Blackboard loading screen
Endless spinning wheel of anxiety

Is Blackboard running slowly or not running at all? First step for troubleshooting this problem is clearing out your cache and cookies! Check out this Chrome how-to here.