Tech Tip of the Week: Slido

Slido is a tool that makes it easy to create interactive polls for Zoom meetings or other events. From multiple choice to word clouds (like the one the Help Desk created below), participants can see results change instantly. Polls can be embedded in PowerPoint slides via a personalized QR code or a link can be shared with participants. To learn more about creating interactive polls and to start your free account, visit or watch this video for more details on using Slido.


I Love Belly Rubs!

Look at that warm inviting belly! This is Grace, and she promises that she won’t push you away after you give her belly two seconds of attention. She’ll wait the appropriate five seconds and then kindly ask you to remove your hand.

Pet with your eyes, please

If you catch your pet doing something cute this fall break, be sure to snap a picture of it and send it to us at so that we can feature it for pet of the week!

Tech Tip of the Week: Adapting to Being an Online Student

As we kick off the second week of classes many of us are still adjusting to online classes. The University has some tips on how to adjust that you can find here:

This article gives tips for success in online classes:

You can also find advice on how to connect with your classmates still:

This semester might look different than the others, but we are excited to have you at the iSchool!


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