Our Inaugural Gecko!

Pet of the week first, folks! Our first crested gecko. 😮 This darling’s name is Molly, named after Weasley matriarch because of her red coloring. Unlike Mrs. Weasley, Molly does not knit sweaters but she does love to catch bugs.
Decorative graphic featuring a gecko sitting on a white disc. The gecko is facing away from the camera and staring off into the distance. She's a rust red color, and her mouth is partially open. Graphic reads: "Molly; iSchool Help Desk Pet of the Week"
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Luna likes to hang outside and stare at the moon.

This week we’re featuring Luna, an outdoor doggo who loves tanning in her favorite chair, as pictured. The squirrels are weary of her and have learned to avoid the chair, for fear of an ecstatic Luna chasing after them.
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Feline Pals

We’ve got two kitties to start off your three-day weekend. Junior and Rusty are pals who spend their days laying around sharing telepathic messages about which chairs get the best sunlight. We hope that your weekend is just as lazy as theirs!
Decorative graphic featuring two cats laying on a dark orange couch. The cat on the right (Junior) is a brown tabby with a white pelt and white paws. He's lying on his stomach with his front paws dangling in from. The cat on the left (Rusty) is an orange tabby. He's lying on his side with his front paws crossed in front of him. Both cats are staring off into space with apathetic expressions.
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He’s Ready for His Close Up!

Our POTW is this dapper little dude! Bert is a strapping 10-year-old Miniature Dachshund who isn’t so mini. His daily jobs are protecting his house from bikes, squirrels, joggers, and the occasional rabbit. He also supports Abbie Mills while she does her homework by taking naps nearby in case she needs any assistance. In is free time, he loves playing fetch and tug, painting, and modeling. Bert is truly the best boy, and after he is done barking when you first meet, he really wants to be your friend. ❤️

Picture of a dog with a bow tie

Bonus content of Bert being the amazing artist he is!

Bouncing Ears, Soft Snores, and So Much More!

Our POTW is Shiloh, an 11 year old Mini Australian Shepherd who was adopted at 3 years old from an Aussie rescue! He lives in San Diego, California, with his favorite human, Olivia. When he isn’t enjoying long walks on the beach and barking at waves, he can be found eating, sniffing, barking at the dog next door, and sleeping and snoring. While he isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs, has a tendency to tear apart toys, and steal socks, he is such a beautiful boy with ears that bounce when he walks. How could you resist bouncing ears?! I know I can’t!
Have a great weekend, iSchoolers, and enjoy a nice walk (even if it can’t be on the beach)!

Picture of a dog on the beach and a note that says pet of the week and the dog's name Shiloh

All Hail Queen Zanie!

Pet of the Week goes out to Zanie! She is the true queen of Professor Ocepek’s house, and she could not let her furry roommate, Jake, take all the POTW spotlight. She is described as possibly the most opinionated cat that has every lived, and there’s even a rule in Zanie’s house all about her: if she is sitting on you, you do not have to get up unless there is an emergency. What a powerful pet! 👑

Picture of a cat laying on pillows