Bouncing Ears, Soft Snores, and So Much More!

Our POTW is Shiloh, an 11 year old Mini Australian Shepherd who was adopted at 3 years old from an Aussie rescue! He lives in San Diego, California, with his favorite human, Olivia. When he isn’t enjoying long walks on the beach and barking at waves, he can be found eating, sniffing, barking at the dog next door, and sleeping and snoring. While he isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs, has a tendency to tear apart toys, and steal socks, he is such a beautiful boy with ears that bounce when he walks. How could you resist bouncing ears?! I know I can’t!
Have a great weekend, iSchoolers, and enjoy a nice walk (even if it can’t be on the beach)!

Picture of a dog on the beach and a note that says pet of the week and the dog's name Shiloh

All Hail Queen Zanie!

Pet of the Week goes out to Zanie! She is the true queen of Professor Ocepek’s house, and she could not let her furry roommate, Jake, take all the POTW spotlight. She is described as possibly the most opinionated cat that has every lived, and there’s even a rule in Zanie’s house all about her: if she is sitting on you, you do not have to get up unless there is an emergency. What a powerful pet! 👑

Picture of a cat laying on pillows

Say Cheese!

POTW goes out to Bagheera, the furry friend rounding out Jen’s trio of pets! No need to be afraid of her wide open mouth, she just loves to show her pearly whites. When she isn’t busy dazzling everyone with her smile, Bagheera loves to lounge on any available mattress she can find, and really…can we blame her? Have a restful weekend, iSchoolers!

A picture of a black and grey cat with it's mouth open, laying on some mattresses

Blizzard the Help Desk Co-Worker…Sometimes

Our Pet of the Week is our very own Jen Anderson’s adorable (if not slightly neurotic) feline friend, Blizzard! Blizzard enjoys making quick cameos during our Help Desk meetings but only when he deems us worthy of his presence…which usually isn’t too often. Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally!

Picture of white cat near a book called who to live with a neurotic cat

Every time I turn around, I see the cat who turns my world around

This week’s pet is extra special (totally nonbiased opinion) because she’s a help desk GA assistant! If you ever received a message from the help desk that looked like “ffkdl;skkkkkkkkk” chances are it’s Punky telling you that you’re having a great hair day.

“add lfkhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”