Fall 2021

I’m feeling sentimental as the semester winds down. Instead of going in my usual mushy direction, I’m going to reflect on the amazing Graduate Assistants who are currently working with us on Team Awesome. I hope you had a chance to read all of their profiles, listen to their theme songs, and try out some of their suggested recipes.

There are some things that caught my attention when looking at all of the profiles together:

Dinosaurs: 4 people chose to have a pet dinosaur (named Steggy, Gayle, Squiggles, and Greg)

Dragon: 12 people chose to have a pet dragon (named Frasier, Cotton Candy, Buster, King Douglas the Third, Smaug, Arthur, Spark, Brownie, Bartholomew, Argus, Quiche, and Chicken)

Over half of the GAs hail from Illinois. Amazingly, the second most represented state is Vermont (2). After that, we have gathered the team from Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, and Wisconsin.

When asked to self-identify which part of the s’more they’d be, the majority identify as the graham cracker (8), 4 people are marshmallows, 3 people are the chocolate bars, and 1 person is a burnt marshmallow (frankly, that’s always the best part of a s’more).

Now for my typical cheesiness: teamwork makes the dream work. And it’s a dream getting to work with these GAs and the other full-timers on the staff: Matt Beth, Whitney McComas, and Lindsey Sharp. <3