Welcome to the Problem Desk!

Group photo at the Problem Desk
Effective, Monday, April 4th. The Help Desk at 501 E Daniel St will be redesignated as the Problem Desk. Are you bored, have too much time on your hands, and feel like making yourself useful? Please stop by the Problem Desk, or email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu, and we will give you a problem to solve!
Our initial offerings are for problems in mathematics, philosophy, and fashion. Here are some examples:

Solve the following.
The limit as x approaches zero of the natural log of the difference of one and x minus the sin of x all divided by one minus the cosine squared of x

Does anyone deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life? Or are happiness and fulfillment gifts that we are never deserving of, yet some of us receive nonetheless?

Who wore it best? Featured are two models wearing an identical hat.

Solved problems will not be checked for accuracy, and solving a problem will not result in any compensation except for the knowledge of a job well done.

Honorary Pet Degrees!

Hey, iSchoolers!

We know that attending school from home can be tough sometimes, so we want to honor the real MVPs who give us that extra boost of willpower. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has invested in the iSchool Help Desk the power to award honorary degrees to any pet who has helped their human through school. If you have a pet at home who has stuck by your side through all of the Zoom sessions and homework assignments, then download a Diploma and fill it out for them!

An orange and white cat with diploma that reads "Masters of Science in Library and Information Sciences"

We have diplomas for every program at the iSchool, plus a blank template for any other degrees that they may have earned along the way. If you’re on campus, you can also stop by either of the help desks (2nd floor at 501 E Daniel or 4th floor at 614 E Daniel) and pick up a hard copy!

Lastly, please email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu with a picture of your pet and their diploma. We would like to create a collage of all our animal grads!

Managing Stress for Finals Week and Beyond

The end of the semester can be stressful, but it is important to take care of yourself while you are taking care of everything else.

Wellness is important for enjoying life during any time of the year and various resources around campus have recently created a new online magazine called Be Well Illinois that covers all topics related to wellness.
Check it out here!

Also, if you can, feel free to stop by the iSchool on Reading Day (Thursday, December 12th) for a relaxation event starting at 3 pm with free food and activities!
The event will be held in rooms 131 and 126.

Good luck on finishing up the semester and congratulations to any soon-to-be graduates!

Tech Tip: Taking a Break!

This week’s tech tip is also a life tip.

Take a little time away from your computer or phone or whatever device that can cause you stress.

It is important to bring yourself back to the things you love. Maybe that’s reading a book or watching a movie or catching up with a friend. Whatever brings you joy. Then you can get back to all the emails and the deadlines and various obligations. All those things will still be there whether you take a small break or not.

So take the break. Stay away from technology for just a little bit.

Thank you for coming to our Tech Talk.

Screen capture of Best in Show
Watch the dog show this Thanksgiving. Or just watch Best in Show.

Featured Pet of the Week!

We are thrilled to announce we will be starting a new Featured Pet of the Week segment! Out first feature is from our very own GA Riana and her kitty Nym!

Apart from being adorable, Nym spends her time playing fetch, sleeping, and screaming for food.

What’s a fun fact about your pet? Contact the Help Desk for a chance to get your cutie featured!

Photo of cat laying on a human bed Photo of a cat in a dinosaur costume


Dog of the Day: July 1

Photo of dog calendar on Monday July 1st, 2019
“July!?” — this dog, probably

Happy Monday and July (!?) 1st everyone! Summer is in full-swing over here at the Help Desk. That means we’re tackling tickets and missing our dear leader while she is off on summer vacation.

It’s been 7 days since someone has laid out snacks for the GAs and we are getting hungry…

Hope you’re having a better hair day than this tiny friend. And if you stop by the Help Desk… we wouldn’t say no to some snacks.

They Never Tell You Exercise Can Be Fun

The Desk and friends had a great time at the Illinois Marathon 5K this past weekend.

We got medals! We had matching tee-shirts! We have creepy unsuspecting photos that they just send to your email after the race!

But we had a great time.

Four members of the team are graduating this semester, so this was a great excuse to all get together again.

Photo of Team Awesome in Memorial Stadium after 5K
If we had actually run the 5K, how different would these pictures look?
Photo of GAs finishing the 5K
We do this thing where we slap our biceps.
Photo of GAs finishing the 5K
Joe stole the show at the finish line.