We’re Hiring!

Hello, everyone! The help desk is hiring graduate assistants! This is a 50% appointment, and we are hiring for multiple positions. No tech support skill required–just a love to help others and an affinity for cute pets. A PDF containing the job description and a link to the application is attached below. Applications are due on Monday, April 5th, 2021.

Application PDF

Every time I turn around, I see the cat who turns my world around

This week’s pet is extra special (totally nonbiased opinion) because she’s a help desk GA assistant! If you ever received a message from the help desk that looked like “ffkdl;skkkkkkkkk” chances are it’s Punky telling you that you’re having a great hair day.

“add lfkhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

A Puppy with Wisdom

Nynaeve shares her name with a certain special wisdom from the Wheel of Time book series. She is a great alleviator (though sometimes source) of stress. Just looking at her makes you say “Aw…” and forget about your assignments.

Have a great weekend, iSchoolers! If you’re ever feeling stressed, just look at some puppies!

Sweet Furbaby

This lil’ puppy here is Ellie. She loves to solicit snuggles and destroy your pants when you’re not looking. She’s gotten a bit bigger since this picture was taken and is getting ready to turn one in a month. Lucky pup doesn’t have school on her birthday.
Have a fabulous winter break, everyone! We will be back in January with a new star-studded cast of pets. If you would like your pet to be included, please email us your photo to help@support.ischool.illinois.edu.

Carnivorous Clementine

Dropping in today is Clementine. She is a generous kitty who loves to share small critters that she has caught. Sometimes she’ll present them alive and give you the honors of finishing them off. Don’t you wish that you could have a kitty that generous?
“I wish that mug was a mouse.”
Have a great weekend, iSchoolers, and remember that we’re close to finishing off this semester! 😉