Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Happy End of February, friends! If you’re a Welcome Weekend participant, welcome to our cornfields! We’re so glad to have you and have an excellent Pet of the Week just for you: our very first bunny!

Photo of cat

Wait just a minute, I was clearly told that this week’s Pet of the Week was a rabbit. It said so right in Abigail’s submission: “This is my bunny.” I might be sleep deprived, but that looks like a cat to me. Sure, she has dainty little paws and is very soft and her face says, “You love me and you know it; don’t pretend otherwise,” but a rabbit she is NOT. Abigail, you’re trying to do me a heckin’ bamboozle, but I’m wise to you!

Wait a second.

Oh no.

“This is my Bunny.”

Is her name Bunny?

Well, that’s another story. Abigail, I take back my accusations.

But don’t the rest of you try to trick me like that!

Send us your properly-labeled furry, feathered, or fanged friends, specifying if they are adorably named something other than their species. Yes, this is a requirement. No, I do not have authorization to make it one. I’ve got my eye on y’all.


oh, kitty, you’re so pretty. can’t you understand?

Hey there, all you lovelorn lonely people. We know your heart is feeling as cold as the polar vortex right now, but we’re here with a beautiful lady to warm you right up.

Photo of a cat and their owner reading

Missy here is a Single Calico Feline who loves long, luxurious tongue baths and curling up with a good book. She’s always ready for a cuddle and a nap, especially in a sunny window seat. She follows the ones she loves around like a puppy mammal prone to following things. And her purr? Whoa, Nelly. The sweetest song you’ve ever heard.

Won’t you be Missy’s Valentine this year?

Wait. Shoot. Looks like Randi is already Missy’s Valentine.

Well. This is awkward.

Plenty more fish cats in the sea cardboard box, I’m sure. Maybe someone will send in an eligible furever Valentine to be our next Pet of the Week?

Captain’s Log, Stardate -302916.84059400926

As another week of term passes, our crew has again succeeded in obtaining an exceptional exemplar for our Pet of the Week assignment.

Photo of dog sitting on a couch

Pup Star Trek beams in from a Class M planet full of strange purple fossils and elegant collars. His wide, trusting eyes and especially floppy ears have brought many members of the crew to exclaim, “Awww.” Initial readings suggest this life form has an affinity for Earth vegetables, snuggles, and being cute.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Lieutenant Linden for providing us with this specimen. Perhaps other members of the crew will have knowledge of similarly fascinating creatures we might feature as the Pet of the Week. With any luck, those crew members will contact the bridge with their findings.

🖖 Live long and prosper through another week!

We Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (but Only If it’s Your Pet Hippopotamus)


Photo of a dog on a walk


“HENLO, EBRYONE! Is ya grrrl, Molly! Is last day ob finals week! Is last day ob leaf-fall-down time! IS MY HOOMAN, REBECCA’S, BIRDAY! COULD DIS DAY GET ENY BETTRRR?!?”
It could NOT, Molly!
Unless we all got cupcakes.
Rebecca. Hey. Where my cupcakes at?
We survived another semester and it’s time to celebrate! Enjoy your time without classes and projects and work (hopefully)! Travel safe if you’re heading out of town; stay warm if you’re sticking around. But most importantly: Happy Heckin’ Holidays, y’all! 🌲❄️☃️

D’angelo Abides

It’s Friday Funday! Or as I like to call it, the Eve of the Big Sleep. Until we can all have a well-deserved rest, it’s time for the Pet of the Week!

Photo of a cat in a shoebox

Look at this guy, with his beauty mark and his chin rest, smirking at the rest of us fools!  D’angelo, I just don’t know about you. You’re all smug that we’re in back class while you get to take as many naps as you want! You smugasaurus, I’m so jealous I can’t even think straight. But to quote Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski, I like your style, dude.

You are unrepentant.

You are living the good life and everyone else can just deal with it.

Well, you’d better at least make room for your human, Jessie, in that box because someone needs to benefit from your extra soft behavior.

I can’t deal with this, y’all. Please send us your cuties so this sassafras knows he’s not the only adorable friend in the world. For Pete’s sake.

Just What the Dogtor Ordered

It’s the Friday before Fall Break, and we’ve got an extra sweet pupper for whatever ails you!


photo of dog on a walk


Max thinks he might have heard that you’re all worn out from studying. He’d like to politely suggest you rest up over break. Maybe? Please? For Max?
The Help Desk thinks that Max has an excellent idea. Plus, how could you possibly say no to this face? And Zoe (Max’s lucky human), if you aren’t having a nap party with this snuggle buddy all break, what are you even doing with your life?
The only thing that could make this Fall Break better is having more adorable friends to pick between. Make sure you send us your best buddy to be featured as our Pet of the Week!

Snuggles and Stripes and Everything Nice

Happy Freezing Friday! It’s time to warm your heart with the Pet of the Week!

Photo of cat being held by human

We trudged through the elements to get to work, but Calpurnia is doing this early winter right.

Cuddles with her favorite person? Check.

Stylish fur coat? Check.

Extreme distrust of outside conditions at all times? I am feeling you, grrrl.

Human Madeline, you have a winner right here. Style and smarts!

Want your chunky monkey adored by tech support and everyone else they encounter? Send an email with a picture of your purrfect pal and they could be featured as our next Pet of the Week!

Feathers, but Make it Fashion

It’s Friday morning and time to unleash our Pet of the Week!
Photo of a bird looking at the camera


This is majestic birb Casey looking FLY. Ha HA! I’ll see myself out.
Our featured feathery fellow has some FIERCE vogueing going on. That head cock? The perfect mohawk? The subtle, contrasting color palate? Grey is the new black, friends. Trust his human Christine on that!


Feathers over fur this week, y’all. Want your fashionista featured as our Pet of the Week? Email their picture to the Help Desk today!

Handsome Krieger

Hey, Friday Fans! It’s time to talk about our Pet of the Week!


Photo of a cat laying on a human bed


If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Krieger heard this advice as a wee kitten and took it very seriously. We cannot handle the level of sassiness contained in his excellent paw. He knows he looks good. His human, Jessica, knows he looks good. You just sit right there and let this handsome gentleman give you the ol’ smolder.


We’re yearning for more four-legged models to waltz down our digital catwalk. If you share your home with a creature as glorious as Krieger, send their picture to the Help Desk! They could be the next Pet of the Week!

Rascal, what cheer?

It’s Friday! You know what that means? It’s time for the Pet of the Week!

But soft! What light through yonder laptop breaks? It is the Rascal, and Miranda is his human! This handsome gent is helping Miranda with her studying. What a scholarly fellow!

Photo of cat laying on laptop keyboard

Is your best friend as cute as Rascal? We want to feature them! Send the Help Desk a picture of your pet so we can show everyone how adorable they are!