our mew-dal superior

Happy weekend, iSchoolers! The sun is still shining here in Urbana, and that’s not just the glowing visage of our Pet of the Week!

Behold! Today we are graced by Principessa Clementina of the House Tilley-LaBarre, First of her Name, the Spicy. This ginger goddess is queen of all she surveys, ruling benevolently over her humans, Kathryn and Carol. Woe be upon all of us who are not as purrfect as Her Majesty.

Do you live with a magnanimous overlord/lady/soverign upon whose image we must bask? Send their finest portrait to the Help Desk, and they could be featured as our Pet of the Week! AS THEY SHOULD BE.

he was clearly framed

It’s Friday again, iSchool! Any fun weekend plans? Any mischief in those plans? This week’s Pet of the Week certainly has a streak of that!

Here’s Bo, a handsome fellow who has definitely been caught in the act of something. Did he stash all of the hair ties under the rug? Did he leave something fuzzy in someone’s shoes? Maybe he chewed on the power cord of his human Melissa’s laptop while she was teaching and class ended prematurely.

Not that he would ever do that.

(He totally did that.)

Best to keep an eye on this clever cutie…

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they see me rollin’ (nat 20s on all charisma checks)

Greetings, iSchool Adventurers! As the sun sets on another week, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on our comrades, both in and out of the classroom. In particular, this fine, furry fighter and Lord of All Creatures (at least for the week).

Finnegan here is brave, loyal, strong, and gives great hugs. We assume. He definitely loves helping his human, Becca, play D&D, and there’s no way he doesn’t win every battle with a skillful swiping of the dice. We’d have Finnegan on our campaign any day.

Does your four-legged friend have more dex than we’d believe? Send their photo (and stats) to the Help Desk! They might be featured as our next Pet of the Week!

Meow Hiring!

We made it through May, iSchoolers! As we move into a new month, the Help Desk is making some changes, including hiring a new employee!

Photo of a black and white cat sitting at a desk behind a laptop

“Henlo, iSchool. Am Dangerous Beans. Am tech support catto. Am very good at computers. Am working from home cuz Corona no good for kittens. Hope my hooman, Sarah, gets new headset for me soon.”

Is your furry friend in need of gainful employment? We can’t promise we’ll hire them, but if you send in their picture, they could be featured as our Pet of the Week! Our four-legged, freeloading roommates claim that’s better than a pay cheque.

Pawmp and Purrcumstance

Happy End of Semester, iSchoolers! We officially survived Spring 2020! Take THAT, Corona Virus!

We know that commencement is a bit strange this term (read as on hiatus), but we wanted to offer a little something to all those graduating this weekend: a warm smile from our Pet AND Human of the Week!

Photo of Dr. Kate McDowell holder her cat, Xylo

Here’s our very own Dr. Kate McDowell and her very handsome associate, Xylo! They want to wish all those graduating the heartiest of congratulations and so much luck in their next adventures. They would also like to make sure that we all know that Xylo is a good cat and a pretty cat and we would all be so lucky to give him hugs.

Way to go, everyone! And don’t forget: alumni pets are still eligible for Pet of the Week! We’d love to see where they (and their humans) end up! As for the rest of you…where my pet submissions at? It’s summer break, but that doesn’t mean you can skimp out on cute animal pictures! Get it together!

Today is a Good Day to Nap

It’s finals week, iSchool! Whether you’re frantically writing that final paper, putting the final touches on your summer syllabi, or staring down a growing pile of grading, you’ve almost survived what might be the weirdest semester in history! While you make the final slog to the finish line, we want you to know that our Pet of the Week is right there with you.

Adorable cat lying on a laptop keyboard

Klingon here cannot WAIT to be done with this school year. She’s worked her butt off helping her human, Madeleine, with very useful edits on papers and all of this time with humans at home but not solely focused on kitty pets is really wearing on her. Someone get this poor baby a pillow and a Nobel Prize. She is truly the best in all of us.

Do you have a study buddy who deserves all of the accolades? Send them in to be featured as our next Pet of the Week! It is the greatest honor we can give them.



(Note: the PotW Poster is now contractually limited in the number of Star Trek references they are allowed in one post due to the January 31st Incident. Please forgive them their indiscretions, particularly if you are a Star Wars fan. Sincerely, the Management)

Don’t Lose that Confidence, Team!

Hey, iSchoolers. How’re you holding up out there? It’s been a stressful few days and it’s probably going to stay that way. But hopefully, this week’s Pet of the Week will bring a smile to your face.

Photo of a cat surround by plants

Bill Purry here knows a little bit about mass hysteria (and dogs and cats living together), but he’s pretty sure the alien at the Holiday Inn in Paramus was wrong about the end of the world. He loves singing songs about the good life and avoiding restaurants that make you cook your own food. His biggest fan, Kiri, says that they love it when he sparkles, but it’s his professionalism that they really respect.

Have your own somber-faced comedian who stares dramatically out of rainy windows? Send it over to the Help Desk to be the Pet of the Week.

No jaguar sharks, please.

This Kitty is on the Case!

We apologize for the late post, but Detective Curtis Lemansky was off solving crime, and couldn’t be here for the blog.

But do not fear! Lem is doing his due diligence in protecting us from crime with his incredibly handsome looks.

Thank you, Kiri, for assuring us that Lem is keeping us safe from wrongdoers!

Photo of cat laying on its back

Longing Gazes into the Weekend

This week the Help Desk was graced with nobility the likes of which we have never seen.

We had to make sure everyone saw Eartha Kitty, and hope that her proud stance will inspire you into the weekend! Thank you Kiri for sharing this adorable floof with us!

Photo of cat looking out a window

Want to see your pet featured? Email their picture to ischool-support@illinois.edu!

Snuggles and Stripes and Everything Nice

Happy Freezing Friday! It’s time to warm your heart with the Pet of the Week!

Photo of cat being held by human

We trudged through the elements to get to work, but Calpurnia is doing this early winter right.

Cuddles with her favorite person? Check.

Stylish fur coat? Check.

Extreme distrust of outside conditions at all times? I am feeling you, grrrl.

Human Madeline, you have a winner right here. Style and smarts!

Want your chunky monkey adored by tech support and everyone else they encounter? Send an email with a picture of your purrfect pal and they could be featured as our next Pet of the Week!