Welcome to the Problem Desk!

Group photo at the Problem Desk
Effective, Monday, April 4th. The Help Desk at 501 E Daniel St will be redesignated as the Problem Desk. Are you bored, have too much time on your hands, and feel like making yourself useful? Please stop by the Problem Desk, or email us at ischool-support@illinois.edu, and we will give you a problem to solve!
Our initial offerings are for problems in mathematics, philosophy, and fashion. Here are some examples:

Solve the following.
The limit as x approaches zero of the natural log of the difference of one and x minus the sin of x all divided by one minus the cosine squared of x

Does anyone deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life? Or are happiness and fulfillment gifts that we are never deserving of, yet some of us receive nonetheless?

Who wore it best? Featured are two models wearing an identical hat.

Solved problems will not be checked for accuracy, and solving a problem will not result in any compensation except for the knowledge of a job well done.

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