Tech Tip of the Week: Where to Forward Spam Emails

iSchool Help Desk Tech Tip Where to Forward Your Spam

What Can We Do with Spammy Emails?

Perhaps during your time at the U of I you’ve received a spam email. Maybe something about giving money to a prince in a faraway land so that together you can unlock a fortune he will someday receive? First off, good work recognizing spam when you see it! Second off, there’s a step you can take going forward with that message. Please forward it to University Technology Services so future emails from that source will automatically be designated as spam. The address to forward spam to is To avoid having your email being marked as spam as well, please forward the spam email as an attachment. To do this, click on┬áthe three dots┬ánext to the arrow icon, and from the sidebar that appears, click┬áOther reply actions. Another sidebar will appear, and you will want to select┬áForward as attachment. This will attach the email. By doing this, hopefully we will all receive fewer spammy emails!


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