Meet the Graduate Assistants: Fall 2021 Edition starting next week

Who-boy, we have a lot of graduate assistants right now! Sixteen fabulous students who are currently enrolled in the LIS program and who grace our help desks and our course support parlor (den? corral?) to bring you the best of the best in iSchool tech support.

While the entire iSchool is our family, the GAs are our closest relatives, and since we’re not allowed to show them our love with noogies or trapping them in a half-nelson, we will post super interesting facts about them instead!

Starting next week (two GAs at a time, twice a week) you’ll find out where they’re from, songs that play (in our minds only) when they make their entrance in the iSchool tech support stadium, what they’d each be famous for (if they weren’t already famous for their great support), and MORE!

We’ll have things wrapped up in time to rest, relax, and give thanks for these wonderful humans during fall break.


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