Tech Tip of the Week: Zoom Green Screen

Did you know there is a green screen feature in Zoom?

You may be familiar with using virtual backgrounds, but if you have a green screen, Zoom has a feature that helps you use it to your advantage. Selecting the green screen box when you choose to set a virtual background helps Zoom distinguish between you and your background. It is helpful to have a solid color background that doesn’t match with what you are wearing, and there is a feature where you can custom set your green screen color, meaning you can use any solid color fabric you have. It also does not need to be fully covering your background to work.

To properly use your green screen, follow the same steps you would use to set a virtual background. Instructions on how to use virtual backgrounds can be found on the iSchool wiki. From there, make sure to check the box next to “I have a green screen.”

If you would like to manually pick the color of your background, click the little oval that appears and select the color that you would like to have as your background.

It is important to note that glitches can happen, and mastering green screen can take some practice. For more information please see Zoom’s documentation on virtual backgrounds.

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