Today is a Good Day to Nap

It’s finals week, iSchool! Whether you’re frantically writing that final paper, putting the final touches on your summer syllabi, or staring down a growing pile of grading, you’ve almost survived what might be the weirdest semester in history! While you make the final slog to the finish line, we want you to know that our Pet of the Week is right there with you.

Adorable cat lying on a laptop keyboard

Klingon here cannot WAIT to be done with this school year. She’s worked her butt off helping her human, Madeleine, with very useful edits on papers and all of this time with humans at home but not solely focused on kitty pets is really wearing on her. Someone get this poor baby a pillow and a Nobel Prize. She is truly the best in all of us.

Do you have a study buddy who deserves all of the accolades? Send them in to be featured as our next Pet of the Week! It is the greatest honor we can give them.



(Note: the PotW Poster is now contractually limited in the number of Star Trek references they are allowed in one post due to the January 31st Incident. Please forgive them their indiscretions, particularly if you are a Star Wars fan. Sincerely, the Management)

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