Fire Burn and Cauldron Bun-ble

Hey, iSchoolers! It’s the last Friday before FINALS WEEK! There are projects to finish, papers to write, and panic to power through. …That’s not just me, right?

To help you through this trying time, we’re summoning up a very special (and spooky) Pet of the Week!

Bunny with a Ouija board

Penny is one brave bunny! Not only is she just the fluffy-wuffiest little baby bun that we’ve ever seen (with a sooty nosie and peeeets!), but she also likes to seek out the dark forces and join them on their hellish crusade. She’s using this quarantine to work on her tarot reading and cauldron mending (when she’s not getting cuddles from her human, Becca). We’re so glad you have such dedication, Penny! But also…please don’t bring that Ouija board into our house. We are a little stitious.

Have a soft or spooky friend you’d like to show off? Send them over to the Help Desk to be featured as a Pet of the Week!

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