Don’t Lose that Confidence, Team!

Hey, iSchoolers. How’re you holding up out there? It’s been a stressful few days and it’s probably going to stay that way. But hopefully, this week’s Pet of the Week will bring a smile to your face.

Photo of a cat surround by plants

Bill Purry here knows a little bit about mass hysteria (and dogs and cats living together), but he’s pretty sure the alien at the Holiday Inn in Paramus was wrong about the end of the world. He loves singing songs about the good life and avoiding restaurants that make you cook your own food. His biggest fan, Kiri, says that they love it when he sparkles, but it’s his professionalism that they really respect.

Have your own somber-faced comedian who stares dramatically out of rainy windows? Send it over to the Help Desk to be the Pet of the Week.

No jaguar sharks, please.

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