Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Happy End of February, friends! If you’re a Welcome Weekend participant, welcome to our cornfields! We’re so glad to have you and have an excellent Pet of the Week just for you: our very first bunny!

Photo of cat

Wait just a minute, I was clearly¬†told that this week’s Pet of the Week was a rabbit. It said so right in Abigail’s submission: “This is my bunny.” I might be sleep deprived, but that looks like a cat to me. Sure, she has dainty little paws and is very soft and her face says, “You love me and you know it; don’t pretend otherwise,” but a rabbit she is NOT. Abigail, you’re trying to do me a heckin’ bamboozle, but I’m wise to you!

Wait a second.

Oh no.

“This is my Bunny.”

Is her name Bunny?

Well, that’s another story. Abigail, I take back my accusations.

But don’t the rest of you try to trick me like that!

Send us your properly-labeled furry, feathered, or fanged friends, specifying if they are adorably named something other than their species. Yes, this is a requirement. No, I do not have authorization to make it one. I’ve got my eye on y’all.


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