Tech Tip of the Week: Printing at the iSchool!

This week’s Tech Tip is all about printing!

Optimus the Printer
The only color printer in the building!

We have 6 public printers in the building, and two have kiosks that you can print from – Optimus on the second floor by the Help Desk and Chip in the basement by rooms 12A and 46. If you want to print from your own computer, check out these guides for Windows and Mac.

Each page costs 7 cents and iSchool students get $21 in printing credit. To check your balance and to see your previous print jobs you can visit If you run out of printing credit, you can use Illini Cash!

We also offer secure printing, where you are able to send a print job but not release it until you enter a PIN on the printer. Check out instructions to set that up here!

Check out more information about printing on the iSchool Wiki here!

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