Wardah’s May Blog

Hello! This is my last blog post and it feels nice to write about the end of a time and transitioning to another part of life. Thank you for reading along. <3   It was so nice to graduate with everyone this past weekend. I think sometimes school can be a lonely thing we all end […]

Racing Towards Graduation

Hey everyone! Margot here with some life updates! Graduation is Coming Soon! I can’t believe that graduation is only a few weeks away! Since I graduated from my undergraduate institution in 2021 (aka the COVID-era), I wasn’t able to participate in a traditional graduation ceremony. Instead, my university did everything fully remote, which was a […]

Meet Margot!

Hello everyone! My name is Margot and I’m one of the graduate iSchool Ambassadors for the Library and Information Science program. I’m wrapping up my last semester of the program which means that, alongside my classes, graduate assistantship at the Music and Performing Arts Library on campus, and work as an iSchool ambassador, I’m also […]