Exploring Auto-GPT and Preparing for Graduation 

Greetings all, I am Jun Liu, and welcome to my third blog entry during this graduation season. With the graduation festivities just a fortnight away, my emotions are a mix of anticipation and anxiety.  Discovering Auto-GPT Recently, I stumbled upon a remarkable GitHub project called Auto-GPT. This automated text generator, based on OpenAI’s GPT model, […]

Grieving, ChatGPT, and Job Hunting: A Graduate Student’s Journey Towards Graduation

Greetings everyone! I am Jun Liu, a graduate student in Information Management and one of the graduate ambassadors for iSchool. As graduation day draws closer, I wanted to share my experiences with you in my second blog of the graduation season. The past month has been a challenging one for me, but I am grateful […]

Balancing College, Job Applications, and Networking: Navigating the Job Market in Information Management

Hi everyone! It’s me, Aradhya Seth, back again with an update on my final semester journey in the Information Management master’s program at the University of Illinois. The past month has been filled with job applications, and I’ve been spending most of my time tweaking my resume to make sure it accurately represents my skills […]