During each day of the Program, participants will rotate through six 45-minute stations guided by an innovative conceptual framework highlighting: (a) social and emotional learning, (b) physical activity, (c) academic enrichment, and (d) nutrition education.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Programming related to physical activity will feature a combination of individual- and team-based, as well as traditional and non-traditional activities. Instruction will be provided over a two-week period that will teach participants the skills necessary to perform the physical activity and involve immersion and game play. Upon conclusion of the first two weeks of the Program, participants will be introduced to a new set of physical activities for the remainder of the Program. Previous physical activities have included: basketball, badminton, cooperative games, dance, disc games, gymnastics, lacrosse, Spikeball, soccer, and tchoukball.

ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT: Programming related to academic enrichment will vary more often, on a weekly and/or daily basis. Previous academic enrichment rotations have incorporated content from math, poetry, and science into the curriculum.

NUTRITION EDUCATION: Programming related to nutrition education will vary more often, on a weekly and/or daily basis. Previous nutrition education rotations have included lessons related to food preparation, MyPlate, snack making, and recipe creation.

A sample of the daily rotation schedule of the Program can be found here: Rotation Schedule Sample.