Food Systems for International Food Security Symposium

February 2015

The Food Systems for Food Security Symposium, a full-day event sponsored by Food Security at Illinois (IFSI), highlighted the unique capacities of the University of Illinois to improve food systems and help ensure that all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to achieve their human potential.

More than 100 attendees assembled at the ACES Library, Information and Alumni Center on the University of Illinois campus on Tuesday, February 10, 2015. Due to the symposium being filled to capacity, it was streamed-live to viewers in an overflow room and around the world.

Dr. Alex Winter-Nelson, director of the ACES Office of International Programs, said, “The symposium demonstrated the capacities of ACES with respect to international food security and the widespread interest in the topic across the campus and the state. Equally or more important, the event stimulated and helped to frame conversations on how we can work together to move forward with International Food Security at Illinois.”


The symposium videos and links to the PowerPoint presentations are embedded below.



Bob Hauser – Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES)

Alex Winter-Nelson, Director, ACES Office of International Programs and Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACE): Introduction to Food Security

On-farm Supply Issues

Chair: German Bollero, Head, Department of Crop Sciences

Brian Diers (Crop Sciences): Crop Science in Food Security

Hans Stein (Animal Sciences): Nutritional On-Farm Supply Issues

Jeff Brawn (Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences): Food Security, Environmental Change, Biodiversity, and Interdependecies

Discussant: Evan Delucia (Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment)

On-farm Supply Issues

Chair: KC Ting, Head, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Martin Bohn (Crop Sciences): Innovation Platforms – Plant Breeding for Sustainable Farming Systems

Madhu Khanna (Agricultural and Consumer Economics): Food Security, Climate Change, and Biofuels

Discussants: Ximing Cai (Civil and Environmental Engineering); Feng Sheng Hu (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Post-farm Supply Issues

Chair: Rod Johnson, Director, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Kent Rausch (Agricultural and Biological Engineering): Comparison of Hermetic Wheat Storage with Traditional Storage Methods in India

Hope Michelson (Agricultural and Consumer Economics): Modernizing Markets, Small Farmers, and Food Security

Hao Feng (Food Science and Human Nutrition): Food Dehydration, Reduction of Postharvest Losses

Discussant: Reitumetse Mabokela (Vice Provost for International Affairs and Global Strategies)

Consumer Issues

Chair: Shelly Nickols-Richardson,  Head, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Juan Andrade (Food Science and Human Nutrition): Innovations to Achieve Nutrition Security in Low-Income Countries

Kathy Baylis (Agricultural and Consumer Economics): Food Security, Consumer Side

Barbara Fiese (Family Resiliency Center, Department of Human Development and Family Studies): Household Food Insecurity: Family and Community Perspectives

Discussant: Brent Roberts (Psychology)

Infrastructure within ACES

Chair: Sue Koerner, Head, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Peter Goldsmith (Soybean Innovation Lab)

Marilyn Nash (National Soybean Research Lab)

Paul McNamara (Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services)

Prasanta Kalita (Prevention of Postharvest Loss)

Discussant: Peter Schiffer (Vice Chancellor for Research)