Student Spotlight

Abel R. Vela

Abel is currently a Masters student, studying Construction Engineering and Management. His research interests include analysis of planning and scheduling techniques for fully-automated models of construction operations with integrated 4D-BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Nanaïssa Maïga

Nanaïssa is currently a Masters student, studying Civil Engineering at University of Illinois. Her research interests include Safety of airport runways with Center of Excellence for Airport Technology (CEAT) and Casting and analysis to explore freeze-thaw resistance of concrete railroad ties

Enliang (Jack) Li

Jack is currently a Bachelors student, studying Electrical Engineering. Research interests include Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Detection, Cancer Related DNA patterns with GPU acceleration, and Processing wafers and testing integrated circuits in class 100 cleanroom (ECE 444).

Xiaomin Li

Xiaomin is a Junior, currently doing a Dual Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is currently doing researching on Beatty Sequences – Almost Beatty Partition in the Illinois Geometry Lab with Prof. A J Hildebrand. Journal paper submitted for publishing.

Eugene (Jane) Park

Jane is currently a Junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. Her research is based on advanced image analysis for detecting and tracking single atoms using graphene with Prof. Pinshane Huang.

Zhaoyu (Bill) Wu

Bill is currently a Junior studying Computer Science. He is researching and developing sparse matrix computation with Breadth-first search for Cyclops Tensor Framework package in Python and C++ at Laboratory for Parallel Numerical Algorithms.

Aayush Aggarwal

Aayush is currently a freshman studying Industrial Engineering. He is currently a student employee for Engineering International Student Programs and Staff Writer for the Daily Illini.


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