VR Flight Simulator Up and Running

CITL has successfully worked with AFROTC Detachment 190 to establish a VR flight simulator program to help cadets gain basic aviation understanding without having to pay for expensive flight hours. Last week, the program opened to cadets to sign up and come in for their first flights.

The program requires cadets to take a quiz assessing their understanding of basic aviation concepts. The quiz covers concepts from FAA guidebooks, a Cessna 172 Pilot Operating Handbook, and other provided information about the VR Lab’s flight controls and flight simulator program. Once the quiz is completed with 95% accuracy, or no more than 2 questions missed, cadets are free to reserve time slots to come in and use the lab.

Time slots in the lab are structured, and include guided instruction on aspects of aviation such as taxiing, takeoff, landing, level flying, turns, and more. The hardware and software in the lab is sufficient to create an immersive and realistic environment to give cadets a taste of real aviation and to provide a deeper understanding of aviation concepts. Previously, these concepts could only be taught in physical cockpits, or 2D simulators that do not provide the same sense of immersion. Flight simulators like this are not meant to replace traditional flight hours, but to supplement them, especially when the cost for such training can be restrictive to many college students who want to pursue a career as a military pilot.

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