Women’s Resource Center: iPads for FYCARE

CITL Innovation Spaces has partnered with the Women’s Resource Center to loan 12 iPads for the FYCARE program.

What is FYCARE?

The First Year Campus Acquaintance Rape Education (FYCARE) workshop is an interactive discussion on campus sexual assault, required for all first-year undergraduates. National studies have shown that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will experience an actual or attempted sexual assault during their undergraduate career. Perpetrators are most often acquaintances – friends, classmates, or dating partners – of the victim. FYCARE focuses on the ways that all students can be involved bystanders and caring supporters who can look out for one another.

FYCARE is among our campus education programs to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, stalking which are culturally relevant, inclusive of diverse communities and identities, sustainable, responsive to community needs, and informed by research, or assessed for value, effectiveness, or outcome; and consider environmental risk and protective factors as they occur on the individual, relationship, institutional, community and societal levels.

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