Lorri Hopping Visit

On November 9th, 2017, The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning co-hosted Lorri Hopping as a guest speaker as a part of the “Playful By Design: Gaming Pedagogies, Digital Literacies, and the Public Humanities” IPRH Research Cluster.

Here’s a bit about Lorri and what she shared with campus:

“Navigating Tech Revolutions: Confessions of a Content Creation Beast.”

Lorri Hopping will share her experiences and perspectives on the dramatic changes in educational technologies that have occurred since the digital revolution, and the roller coaster of boom and bust that transformed the publishing industry as a result. She will also address the challenges of the freelance game market today, and her strategies for surviving and thriving as a content creator.

Lorri Hopping is a prolific writer, editor, and game designer who has been recognized as one of the pioneers in the educational game industry. She has authored more than 50 narrative non-fiction and game-activity books, and has written scripts for multimedia, software, and games. She was the founding editor of Scholastic’s SuperScience magazine, and worked on the Magic School Bus TV show and software line among many other Scholastic projects. As product development director of the game company Aristoplay, she took more than a dozen board and card games from original concept to store shelf as well as developing games submitted by inventors. A full-time freelancer since 1996, she has written or designed games for FableVision, PBS, Sesame Street Workshop, Microsoft Education, Edmark/Riverdeep, Inanimate Alice, Penguin, and other clients. Her current focus is on creating narrative-driven games for change, with an emphasis on education, journalism, and social impact.

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