Sponsorship Opportunities

The Traveling Science Center is currently funded by donations, grants, and fees charged for use. We rely on donations and sponsors to help offset the costs of programs for schools unable to afford the full cost of visits.

ComEd provided the initial funding to purchase the TSC and conduct programs for 5 years.

Illinois Tollway has provided staffing for school programs within the Chicagoland area.

This project is an educational initiative for children and adults that fosters respect for the environment. Making this kind of connection with future consumers, voters, public servants, and business leaders at a young age is an essential part of changing the behaviors of the next generation.

Sponsors will be serving the children, families, and neighborhoods of employees, customers, or both. By bringing a high-quality and locally-relevant museum experience to schools across Illinois, the project will strengthen communities, providing special benefits to children in poor and rural school districts that have less access than others to this type of experience.

The project would provide a high visibility community investment for sponsors. There is room on the outside of the exhibit for acknowledgment of sponsors – sponsor logos will be seen by hundreds of people each time the Traveling Science Center travels across Illinois. Over the course of the project, tens of thousands of children, teachers, parents, and community members would be aware of sponsors’ support for the project.