Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping the future of information seeking, discovery, and curation. While AI may claim to make these practices easier, several scholars have been raising essential questions about the nature of this technology and its implications for racial justice, political polarization, and privacy in the information ecosystem.

AI Infodemic: Interrogating Algorithms of Information SeekingĀ was created to bring librarians and other information professionals together to discuss how these issues relates to our field. In Spring 2021, we surveyed readings and other media related to the topic of AI and information systems, data, curation, classification, and discovery.

This summer, we will be featuring several scholars in our Early Career Speaker Series, which will take place over Zoom in the months of June and July. You must register for each speaking event separately in order to receive the link to the Zoom event.

AI Infodemic: Interrogating Algorithms of Information Seeking is sponsored by the HRI Research Cluster: AI & Society: Privacy, Ethics and (Dis)Information.

Co-organizers: Sarah Appedu (MLS Student) & Lisa Hinchliffe (Library Faculty)