Urbana&Illinois, here I come!

I usually keep a low profile on social media and post no more than three-four times per year. But now I have some really exciting news to share with friends and colleagues. This Fall I will start working at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in the Philosophy Department. I plan to teach Philosophy of Science, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, and Epistemology. I am extremely excited to teach an upper-level course in Contemporary Philosophy of Science and a course called Minds and Machines. I am eager to become part of this fabulous department with excellent potential for teaching and research. I am sure I will grow socially, intellectually, and professionally at U. of Illinois which is a top university in the US. I will move to Urbana by the end of August. I plan to immerse in the academic communities of Chicagoland and beyond. I spent a number of years in the 2010s in Indiana, so this is sounds like a return to the Midwest.

I want to make another important confession: for the last two years, I worked at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley. I can’t express in words how friendly and how inclusive the UTRGV philosophy department and community are. I met amazing colleagues and made new friends in South Texas and I am sure will keep the fondest memories of my motivated students. It’s time now to move on to a new adventure in the Midwest. I plan to reboot some of my research projects and integrate better with my new academic home. My research will stay close to the philosophy of science, philosophy of computation, and machine ethics. More news to come, so watch this space.

Thanks to everyone who helped me through this transition! Your support, friendship, and trust are important in my life!