Summer FLAS and Resources


Summer FLAS programs have very specific requirements. Please be sure that the program for which you are applying meets these requirements.

Summer Program Requirements

  1. Summer FLAS awards are for language study only.
  2. Programs must provide the equivalent of one year of language instruction.
  3. Beginning and intermediate language programs must provide a minimum of 140 contact hours of language study.
  4. Advanced language programs must provide a minimum of 120 contact hours of language study.
  5. All programs must be a minimum of six weeks.
  6. FLAS awards for overseas language programs are for study only at the intermediate or advanced level and must be approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Under certain circumstances, overseas language programs can be approved for language study at the beginning level for graduate students. Check with each Center for further details.


Resources for Summer Language Programs

  • ACIE (American Councils for International Education)
  • CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition): a database of where less commonly taught languages are being offered]
  • CESSI (Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute )
  • CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange)
  • CLASP (Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs)
  • Middlebury Summer Language Schools
  • SCALI (Summer Cooperative African Language Institute)
  • SILMW (Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim World, Univ. of Illinois)
  • SWSEEL (Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European, and Central Asian Languages)
  • BALSSI (Baltic Studies Summer Institute)

Illinois Study Abroad Programs for Undergraduates

  • Arabic – SAO American University in Cairo, Center for International Learning in Oman
  • Hebrew – SAO Hebrew University of Jerusalem Rothberg International  School
  • Mandarin – SAO Exchange: Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Portuguese – Summer LAS/SAO Course Abroad: Port 400, 401 & 404,  Salvador, Brazil
  • Russian – SAO Provider: American Council of Teachers of Russian  (Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Vladimir)
  • Russian -SAO Proficer: CIEE St. Petersburg, Russia – Language Program

Please consult the Center to which you are applying for additional resources.