DRIVE Committee

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Diversity Realized at Illinois by Visioning Excellence

  • Gabrielle Dawn Allen, Supercomputing Applications
  • Matt Ando, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Cheryl L. Cole, Media and Cinema Studies
  • Lance S. Cooper, Physics
  • Ollie Watts Davis, Music
  • Nicki Jene Engeseth, Food Chemistry
  • Jan Erkert, Dance
  • Lynford Goddard, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Wendy Heller, Psychology
  • Cindy Ingold, University Library
  • Heidi Johnson, Office for Access and Equity
  • Collen Murphy, Law
  • Aric P. Rindfleisch, Buisness
  • Jamelle C. Sharpe, Law
  • Monika Stodolska, Recreation, Sport and Tourism